Yes, I know, it’s been rather quiet

That’s because it’s been a rather busy last week or so for me. But I can announce at least one exciting thing to look forward to in June, which is that I am, in fact, attending The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 in Vegas!

Last year’s meeting was an experience I’ll always remember (and you can read my reports about it — which I sadly didn’t get to complete fully, but still — here), not just listening to such fantastic speakers as Phil Plait, Scott Dikkers, Neil Gershenfeld, Mike Shermer, Lori Lipman Brown, Adam Savage, Penn & Teller, plus South Park dudes Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but also getting to meet and chat with Phil, Richard Wiseman, and old Randi himself. This year, guys like Shermer, Savage and Wiseman are back, while PZ will be one of the speakers and the keynote address is given by none other than Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Yes, I’ll be blogging the whole conference once more, with photos.

It’s an expensive vacation to take, especially in this year of soaring gas (and everything else) prices, but it’s one I’ll try never to miss, as it’s simply too fantastic to get to hang out with such a great group of skeptics, scientists and thinkers from all over the world in one spot. Onward to Lost Wages!


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    Tyson is the man. If you haven’t already heard them, his interviews on the Point of Inquiry podcasts are amazing.

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    Great to hear that you’ll be coming to TAM. Any other members of the ACA coming? Anyway, I’ll look foreward to meeting you there (just follow the aussie accents)

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    Sometimes I wish I lived in the states. Penn & Teller, Parker & Stone, Adam Savage, Phil Plait and all those other cats, all in The Vegas at the same time! Too cool..m.

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    Too cool. What a sick lineup, and all in The Vegas! Wish I lived in the states sometimes, I really do…have a blast everybody!.m.