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    One word: Retrorockets. The gamble paid off, we are getting good at this. I guess we won’t be dressing our rovers up like the grapes guy from the fruit of the loom commercials anymore.

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    Don’t try to frighten us with your ecclesiastical ways, Lord Rhology. Your determined devotion to that bronze age religion has not helped you conjure up a decent rebuttal, or given you clairvoyance enough to admit when you’re wrong.

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    Another outstanding achievement by NASA. It takes the dedication, hard work, intelligence and inspiration of thousands of people to make something like this work. Of course, some jerks will drawl “What’s so good about looking at a bunch of rocks?” Such people show their lack of insight into anything great.

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    What do you think of that, Rhology and Dan? Who’s in the wrong here: Comfort and those who think like him, or NASA and the Evilutionist Scientific Establishment?