Federal injunction against Expelled?

Via Ed Brayton. He does not, for some reason, link to a source. We’ll see if this is real.

Addendum: Ed mentions that the ruling is only available online via a pay service, which he why he did not include a link in his article. In his comments section, however, someone has cutpasted it.


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    If I weren’t an atheist, then I’d say that God really doesn’t want this movie to be distributed. First the bad reviews and now Yoko (who, I admit, is a godlike-force of nature…she broke the band up, afterall!). God must really hate this pile of shit movie! ;)…Oh, come on! You know that if this film makes it out the other side fine, Matthis is going to be crowing about how his movie must be blessed becauase it survived the eebil’ atheist government and secular haters.

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    While this news is good, I would have to say that Expelled has helped the Atheist cause more than hurt it. From what I hear, this movie didn’t present a strong enough argument to convert anyone over and only helped get atheists into the public eye to debate this controversy. While I hate letting them reload their guns, they can’t shoot worth crap.