Facing 10 years as Bubba’s Bitch, Hovind loses mind

This is just too funny. Hovind’s latest too-good-to-pass-up offer for the government: let me go and I’ll stop suing you. Oooo! Got ’em on the ropes there, Kent baby.

This editorial lays the smackdown on this cretin.

“You dishonor your fellow Americans” by dodging a fair share of taxes, [Judge Casey] Rodgers said.

She sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Even then he resisted reality.

“I sure would like to go home,” he told Rodgers.

Oooh man. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

Wait! — what the hell am I saying? No I don’t!


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    How awful am I that I really wish the judge would’ve turned to Hovind and said, in respose to his “I’d really like to go home!’:”Well, Mr. Hovind, people in hell want ice water.”If you’re a religious, authority figure who believes in the will of God, and intercession by God, would you hire an attorney?

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