Here we go again

It’s yet another bigoted and intentionally offensive, testosterone-soaked meme about bathrooms. Click the link if and when you feel like it.

Here’s the meme.


I can almost agree with this one, in the sense that transgendered women are exactly that: women. The government has no business poking into women’s past history or medical records just so they can interfere with their right to use the ladies room.

But perverted men? Fine. I’m all for keeping perverted men out of public restrooms. But why insist that they be wearing dresses? We should ban Republican legislators from public facilities no matter what they’re wearing. They’re far more likely to be guilty of sexual misconduct while wearing—or almost wearing—ordinary pants.


  1. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    Maybe we should ban the people who spend so much mental effort coming up with creepy things to do in public restrooms.

  2. jh says

    And let’s not forget little boys. Catholic priests (men) raped little boys. Hastert raped boys. How does this law protect boys from men who want to rape them in the bathroom?

    • RightReason says

      This has nothing to do with the topic, but I like to point out ignorance when I see it. Catholic priests are no more likely to molest than school teachers, coaches, other religious leaders, or members of one ‘s own family. R

      • Deacon Duncan says

        You seem to have jumped to a false conclusion. Nobody here is seriously trying to argue that because some Catholics rape boys, therefore all Catholics are a menace to boys. Quite the contrary. What we’re saying here is that, just as it would be foolish to ban all Catholics because of the sins of a few, it would be really stupid and bigoted to ban transsexuals, who have an even lower (as in essentially zero) rate of sexual assaults. Conservative Republicans in various states are falling all over themselves to do that (while making no effort to ban actual sex offenders), but it’s still stupid, bigoted, and a gross violation of human rights.

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