An observation

The Tea Party’s shutdown strategy is so short-sighted and odious that they themselves no longer wish to admit it was their idea. Yet even as they try to dodge responsibility for this policy, they refuse to abandon it, or to trifle with more democratic institutions like honest negotiations and compromise. Having lit a fuse, and regretted it, they cannot bring themselves to blow it out, because blowing is against their religion. The best they can accomplish is to suck, and to suck loudly.


  1. Thorne says

    I heard a report that at least some of the Tea Partiers are willing to negotiate, as long as the Dems postpone the start of the ACA until 2015. It’s become increasingly apparent, at least to me, that the one thing they really fear is that the damned thing WILL work, and by the 2014 election the whole country will know that the GOP is blatantly anti-people. Postponing the start of the ACA until after the 2014 elections will give them almost 2 whole years to either destroy the benefits of the plan or to backspin their rhetoric to make it seem like they have ALWAYS supported this Romney plan!

  2. busterggi says

    “they themselves no longer wish to admit it was their idea”

    Good thing for them that no one has ever invented a method of recording sound & pictures that could preserve their intial glee over it.

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