The Fight.

Finished! 18″ x 24″, pencil & marker on Bristol. Click for full size. I am so curious, so this is for everyone, not just fellow artists. For the artists, how would you depict cancer and chemotherapy? For all the non-artists, how do you picture things like cancer and chemotherapy? What shape do they take in your head? Prior to getting cancer, I can’t say I ever gave it any thought at all, and I’m not overly sure where the images in The Fight came from, they were just there. After trying to think about it for a bit, seems the main concepts in my head had to do with fluidity and a crackling electricity, mass power out of control.

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Not An Optical Illusion.

I’m working on First Reaction, and every time I use this one pencil, and it freaks me out a bit, because I keep seeing it crooked. It’s very easy to see pencils crooked though, you can make them all wavy on purpose. I finally paid attention and looked at the pencil, and it’s not me, damn thing is crooked. :D

© C. Ford.

Still at the egg market…

and having fun. :D I’ve gotten so accustomed to doing gum arabic watercolours, I don’t know that I can ever go back to plain.

Meeting at the Egg Market © C. Ford, all rights reserved.

ETA: I was still undecided on the body colour for the being on the left; I decided to go with Charly’s characterisation of pony, so dappled gray.

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Meeting at the Egg Market.

Quick flash shot. I know it’s an odd title, but…it all started with a quick sketch of a stream gushing forth from a bunch of suspended eggs, then forming a bi-directional waterfall. Then I went to sleep. This kind of thing happens when I stick my head out from under my rock and read things like this.

© C. Ford, all rights reserved.