Teh Inscrutable Market Forces

You may remember that I did not plan to make three Santoku knives, they were just an afterthought for the most effective use of offcuts, and that I did not plan to make more. Well, when I wrote that, I did not expect that these three knives will be the first that get sold since I got my license. One was sold before Christmas and two through the shoppe in January. The upside is that I now know how to make customs paperwork for the USA. The downside is that whilst this is a small sample, it does indicate that making more of these knives might be good business sense. I can sit on that thought for a while because I won’t come round to making blades for several months at least, but it does leave me with some head-scratching.


In case you are wondering why Putin is so hell-bent on capturing Kyiv, here is a very, very short summary for you.

Kyiv is not only the capital of the current Ukraine. That in itself would still make it a very important military target, but still not worth the fervor with which it is being attacked.

I grew up as a child with Slavic fairytales and Slavic mythology. And many of those fairytales and myths are centered around Kievan Rus’. A lot of literature that young Slavic people, especially East Slavic, read during their formational years are thus centered around this city. It is, in a very real sense, the cradle of East Slavic culture.

None of that of course excuses current atrocities being perpetrated by Путiн хуйло, but it does explain why he is throwing so many other people’s lives away in order to capture the city asap. If he succeeds – and I fear that is only a matter of time, alas – his propaganda could – and would – play it up way beyond and above its strategic importance.