TNET 37 – Wish I Could Fly

I do not give names to my paintings, this is just an association that has popped in my head when I took this one out of the pile to photograph. The painting is 450×715 mm, distemper on hardboard and, as you can see, in rather a bad shape. That is the result of two things. Firstly, I did not have access to high-quality art supplies twenty-five years ago (and anyways, I lacked the knowledge to use them or the money to buy them) so it was done with the only distemper available at the local stationery store. And secondly, the painting hung several years in a room adjacent to a badly ventilated kitchen. The fumes from burning propane do “wonders” to everything in their vicinity. When I finally got round to buying varnish to help to stabilize the painting, it was already heavily damaged.

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And since I got nothing else to offer for a new open thread, let this be one. Usual rules apply – talk whatever, just don’t be an ass.

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  1. says

    I love your interpretation of arms turning into wings, as well as in the other drawing.

    Today was school report day and both kids brought home excellent reports and both were unhappy. They have 5 Bs and 1C between them and I really don’t know why they are not terribly proud of themselves because I Pinky Pie swear that we never ever put pressure on them and always praise them. Except when a not so good mark is due to not having done the work.

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    Over the last 24 hours flooding rains have hit the state and of course there are idiots who try to drive on flooded roads. One hopes that eventually self driving cars will be too smart to do that and stop people accidentally drowning themselves and their families.

  3. says

    This morning I mailed a box of Aged Mum jewelry to my cousin. Unless something else comes up unexpectedly, that just leaves closing her bank account and mailing the checks to the siblings. I keep thinking I ought to feel more… something, but I’m just depressed and tired. I’m supposed to be seeing a therapist on Tuesday, maybe I can ask them.

    On the other hand, Kitty got into all three classes she wanted and Emily is having the best time in Edinburgh. Did I mention that Emily’s going to Brussels with her advisor to present a paper at a conference?

  4. says

    @Anne, my sympathies, I hope your therapist will be able to offer something useful. Dealing with inheritance is one of the more unpleasant tasks in life.

    What kind of paper is Emily presenting in Brussels? She will now have a bit more hurdles traveling between Edinburgh and Brussels after the Brexit fiasco finally happened.

  5. says

    Thanks, Charly.

    Emily’s a linguist. I’d have to ask her about the exact subject but her interest is evolution of language in humans and birds. Travel is going to be interesting, yes. I’m very glad she has friends near Edinburgh, because I worry about her getting stranded there. Which wouldn’t be the worst thing, she loves it there, but I still worry.

  6. voyager says

    I love the shape of those wings and the way the features fade into the clouds.

    I have the same sort of “not feeling much” about my mother’s death. I expected grief tinged with a bit of relief, but I’m just too tired to rally a response. I think it’s normal, but I hope your therapist can help you sort it out.
    Emily must be excited about presenting a paper in Brussels. That’s quite an honour. It’s always nice to get a bit of recognition for all your hard work.

  7. StevoR says

    So this detestable scumbag is my local MP. Still. As ever more comes out about how truly appalling he is :

    Yet still people keep hearing from & believing the mendacious Murdoch minions here :

    WARNING : Infuriating footage, smug Climate Denialists lying -- & being debunked for millionth-plus time too but still. Rage inducing & I understand if folks cannot bear to watch it. But worth watching if youcan take it Ithink obvs.

    NB. Transcrpt there if the video doesn’t work outside Oz which, dunno, hopefully it will & apologies if not.

    Yet there is also this :

    Hoping it could & will if we work for it and make it so I think maybe though dunno bout the evolutionary bit there interms of timespan and being that fine-tuned and all. More culture than genetics I’d think.

  8. StevoR says

    Also as seen on my TV tonight :

    Plus confronting bushfire footage from 4 Corners :

    WARNING,/b> : Potentially upsetting material, swearing.

    Plus, oh yeah, our election last year was bought NOT won & that’s setting aside all the Murdoch campaigning for the most toxic, incompetent, corrupt and sadistic govt so far in my lifetime :

    Election bought, democracy broken. Time we had some major political reforms now Australia before we went down the road of .. Oh yeah. The USA. Expletives, apologies, rage. Can we learn from Switzerland and Denmark and Iceland where they jaield their bankers and now have Katrín Jakobsdóttir as their PM please? Or Aotearoa / NZ with Jacinda Ardern please?

  9. StevoR says

    PS. Anne, Cranky Cat Lady : My condolences. I only begin to imagine. Words inadequate. Best wishes from me for whatever little they may be worth.

  10. says

    I’ve got a cold again. Sigh.
    And tomorrow the Autobahn will be closed because of flooding. I know that the grounds are still too dry, but this is not helping, dear weather, because they cannot soak it up that quick.

    *hugs are coming*
    I think that when we can already see death coming for a while, we do some grieving beforehand. My grandpa died suddenly and I know I was in complete shock and I cried for days.
    When grandma died it was more of an “ok, it was to be expected” kind of feeling and it#s not as if I loved one of them more than the other.

    Could you look into the Affinity Twitter account? I sent you a PM because of your necklaces.

  11. Jazzlet says

    Back from a weeks holiday in Cornwall and catching up with Affinity. We were nearish some of my family and ended up seeing Big Bro #2, his daughter and her partner, Little Bro and his civic partner, lovely but exhausting. We had reasonable weather and got in several beach meanders, otherwise we read and gazed out of the window watching the sea if it was in view or the very low cloud if it wasn’t.

    I felt rather like that when my father died, he had Parkinson’s and we spent a long time grieving the absence of the man we had known while he was still alive, there just wasn’t much to feel by the time he finally went. *hugs and mugs of cocoa with a dollop of clotted cream*

  12. says

    Today was therapist day. She was nice, she listened to my babbling, she made a good suggestion for getting to sleep better. We’re going to work on my nightmares next month, since I think things would be better if I could just sleep properly.

    Thanks, all. Shadow sends purrs from my lap.

  13. StevoR says

    @ ^Anne, Cranky Cat Lady : Awww. Thankyou. Nothing quite as soothing a sa happy purring cat.


    Never mind the “beer-flu”*, this is what should really scare us right now given its implications. Pollination of so many depends on this famously “hard-working”, “busy” species. Oh & its also a symptom of the crash in the base(s!) of our food chain(s) where we think we’re at the top but thus are standing on everything below -- knock out the bottom of the ladder and .. :

    See also :

    * As someone online has aptly dubbed the Coronavirus.

    Oh & in people are terrible, let’s find delicious ways to fight back news :

    Folks, if you like your local Chinese restaurant(s), now would be a good time to support them and order from or visit them for a meal. Because they are suffering and it really ain’t fair or justified. Dunno if its the same in the States but?

  14. Kreator says

    I requested this in an e-mail and got no reply, so could I please ask you here to remove my old contributions to the blog? The nature and art? For personal reasons I no longer feel comfortable sharing those pictures and the accompanying descriptions, and I think they’ve probably run their course anyway. Thanks.

  15. StevoR says

    @ Kreator : Respect. I’m sorry & I don’t understand & I don’t know enough by megaparsecs but,well, okay. if its really what you want & best wishes from me too. Hope you are okay & know you are appreciated.

  16. StevoR says

    So the Patheos nannybot filter seems to have decided that -- of all words -- “beer” is a forbidden word now.

    Beer singular that is. Beers plural gets through unmoderated and even “sharted” gets thorugh ok so .. what the?

    Have I missed something? (Very likely.) Try it for yourselves and let me know please. I kid you not. Dafuck?!

  17. voyager says

    I’m glad you felt comfortable with the therapist and hope you can find a way to sleep better and get your nightmares under control.
    Everything is more difficult if you’re tired.

    Thanks for all the interesting links.

  18. says

    Wishing you the best.

    I’m glad your appointment worked well. Good luck. It’s a hard road to walk.

    That fucking racist bullshit is everywhere. Sunday we went to an Asian restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You usually stand no chance there without a reservation and now it was near empty.

    Well, another week done. One more andwe get a week of holiday.

  19. Gelaos says

    Sunday we went to an Asian restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You usually stand no chance there without a reservation and now it was near empty.

    Yeah, it’s a simple (and often stupid) mindset: China = coronavirus; therefore anything chinese = no. Even here in Czech Republic there were 2 cases where restaurants (temporarily) refused to accept Chinese customers. What bugs me even more is the typical crowd of trolls, conspirators, opportunists or self-titled medical experts.


    It’s a nice painting. For me personally, it evokes feeling of unachiavable greatness. I love the contrast of big spread wings (a wish to fly, to rise up) and “roots-legs” (preventing the character from flying away). Just one question- there’s lot of “empty” space above the figure, filled only with sky and cloud. Was this “emptiness” intentional?


    And finally, a question for everyone who’s interested. Many people here don’t like religion much (for valid reasons, of course). My question is: do you have any favorite piece of culture -- a song, book, film, etc. that was made primarily to express religious belief? If you do, how do you feel about listening/reading/watching it?

    For example, here are some Christiainty-based songs I like:
    Amazing Grace (Il Divo),
    Hallelujah (Pentatonix version),
    If God Was One of Us (Joan Osborne),
    Hero (Skillet).

    Then there are songs that aren’t as explicit and/or can be interpreted also in a non-religious way, e.g. Million Reasons (Lady Gaga). And there’s also a ton of religious music that doesn’t even try to mask its brainwashing with lyrics or nice melody -- such songs I don’t like and don’t listen to.

    Usually I feel a sort of cognitive dissonance when listening to the above mentioned songs. On the one hand I like the songs themselves -- the rhythm, melody and usually even the lyrics. On the other hand the religious background of these songs sometimes “irritates” (don’t know how to describe it better) my personal beliefs (as an atheist).

    What do you think?

  20. says

    @Gelaos, The empty space behind the figure is intentionally there.
    Strangely enough, my feelings about the aforementioned songs are mostly in line with yours. I like the melodies and the lyrics are moving, although I do not have a religious cell in my body. There is, perhaps, some nearly universal “spirituality” among people.
    It is, after all, more than clear that atheists are not any better on average than theists, only their nastiness is expressed and rationalized a bit differently.

  21. StevoR says

    This is one terrible piece of news as the bushfires aftermath continues to play out :

    One of those hundred plus species :

    at risk of vanishing beyond the metaphorical event horizon of extinction.

    This is one powerful, poignant, beautiful song and accompanying clip :

    WARNING : Confronting and possibly upsetting scenes, animal death and suffering.

  22. StevoR says

    @ 25. Gelaos :

    My question is: do you have any favorite piece of culture — a song, book, film, etc. that was made primarily to express religious belief? If you do, how do you feel about listening/reading/watching it?

    There’s certainly religiously themed songs, movies and even books I’ve enjoyed &still enjoy. Just because you don’t agree with something -- sometimes even quite strongly -- doesn’t mean you cannot see it as evocative or aesthetically pleasing etc .. in my view. Art is always going to be subjective and I do think that sometimes you can find something enjoyable and interesting and think it has value and beauty and is worth even when it involves aspects like religious oens that are really problematic and wrong.

    FWIW, I’ve always enjoyed the music of U2 despite the frequent religion heavy references and including thsoe religion ehavy songs -- and when it comes to movies ‘The Life of Pi’ springs to mind here among others. Plus those What If God Was One of Us & Buckley’s Halleluh songs and an SF/ fantasy novel where a spaceship crew landed in one of Bosch’es reiligious triptych paintings come real and more. I’m not sure if it counts and, huh, perhaps a bad taste confession but also Chris DeBurgh’s ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling song ( ) is one you could add to that category and then the whole Star Wars religion as well if that counts and yet I got hooked on those as a kid too and still so .. yeah.

    Put it this way; if you enjoy and appreciate,say, (for random example among many that could be picked) Aztec artwork & culture and empathise with them and what the human sacrifices etc ..meant to them then that’s one thing and fine. If you start actually thinking its okay and even compulsory to make actual human sacrifices because your appreciation and understanding of Aztec culture and art and think that means they were correct to think Sun / Huitzilopochtli really & truly does need human blood to rise then that’s a whole other thing entirely!

  23. StevoR says

    PS. I am also quite willing to believe that the Aztec practices were also exaggerated,misunderstood and their culture and beliefs demonised by the Spanish Conquistadores who brutally conquered, murdered and destroyed them too FWIW. Example picked as a bit of an extreme case.

    Short version : Just because songs, movies, etc .. contain religious messages and aspects does NOT mean you cannot or should not still be able to enjoy them. And, yeah, sometimes the religious bits can be annoying and that’s okay to feel, note and be too. Art is subjective and personal and that’s ok. Also,apologies for typos and errors, its past my bedtime & over-tired here..

  24. StevoR says

    So, I don’t know how many others here watch The Young Turks (TYT) channel on youtube and thisus have already seen this and I do know that TYT are really partisan Sanders supporters but still think folks may find this grimly, infuriatingly interesting :

    Regarding Bloomberg especially around the 6 mins 45 seconds mark onwards.

    Also while the bushfire carnage has brought our appalling biodiversity loss and extinctions record into focus its not just the bushfires that’s been killing our native species -- its been LNP policies of neglect and contempt for the environment over decades :

    Meanwhile in totally diffrent news, the science findings from New Horizons and its encounter with Arrokoth indicate our solar system formed far more gently than once thought :

    Arrokoth incidentally being the new official name for the object previously known as “Ultima Thule” and chosen from a word meaning “sky” in the Powhatan / Algonquian language(s?) and the most distant object in the solar system we’ve ever visited.

  25. says

    Thanks for the links, StevoR

    Oh gods, Mr’s cousin is playing primary school “I will show whom I like better” by selectively inviting and not inviting family members.
    One, I wished I had the mental capacities for such silly games. I would use them for something productive.
    Two, me and Mr. couldn’t care less, but she’s needlessly cruel to her aunt.
    Well, what comes around goes around.

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