TNET 30: Woke Brands

I noticed yesterday that TNET is overdue, so today’s video topic is a new TNET too. Sorry for not writing too much lately. I got over the winter depression, but I just did not get any inspiration the last few weeks. Combined with problems at work it made me grumpy and reclusive like a hermit. And to top it all off today I got down with flu-like symptoms, I had to excuse myself from work early due to a splitting headache and at home I found out I have a fever as well.

The latest video by hbobmerguy is really well made and thoughtful. It is important to remember, that corporations are not people, they are cynical and opportunistic entities that might, but also might not, contain good people in them, and rarely (very rarely) some good people might even be at the top management levels. When a company does something seemingly good, it probably is not without ulterior motive.

Open thread, talk about whatever you want, just don’t be an asshole.

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  1. voyager says

    I’m sorry things have been rough for you, Charly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that whatever bug you’ve contracted will be short-lived.

    Another good video by hbomberguy. I like this kid. He’s smart, thoughtful, personable and makes me think.

  2. says

    Guess whose holidays are over.
    *Fistbump* for Charly. Spring is coming!

    I also saw that the second series of American Gods will start on Monday.

  3. rq says

    *hugs*, Charly

    Re: American Gods
    This is good news, finally Husband and I will have something to watch together every week.

    Also next week is school holidays for the kids, but this yes I get to take at least 2 days off and vegetate with them. By the time I finally get home on Sunday, I will be missing them terribly.

    (And no worries, I have more Macedonian posts planned.)

  4. Jazzlet says

    Sorry you’re feeling rough Charly, I hope this is the worst of it and that you are fully better soon.


    I had an appointment with my GP to review all of the blood tests I’ve been having and ???? seems to be the only answer she has. I’m being referred ‘non-urgently’ to Urology as the most consistent result is a bit of blood in my urine, it will probably take months for an appointment to come through. Otherwise, maybe I’m just one of those people in the 5% at outside of the normal range ??? possibly, perhaps? So I’m not going to fret about any of that, I’ve had no new symptoms so it’s not as if I’lll have reminders to fret :-)

    It was light when Mr J came home and if anything he was late home :-)

  5. voyager says

    Our days are noticeably longer, too. It’s almost 6 pm here and there’s still light in the sky. It’s fabulous.
    I’m glad your Dr. is being thorough and referring you to a specialist. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for an appointment. Waiting lists are a problem here, too. It can take a year or more to see an Orthopaedic surgeon and then you go on another wait list for the surgery to be done. There is an element of urgency built into our system, though, so that if your situation worsens you would be seen sooner.

  6. says

    fingers are crossed for good results. I’ve got one of those values as well. Apparently it’s super sensitive to alcohol in me…
    +++We are having a storm. It blew over a tree on the hill behind the house. Some very smart person behind whose garden the tree fell went out and to the fence to take pictures…

  7. Jazzlet says

    You daft thing! I hope you got some decent pictures out of it.

    Today we have been going from blue skies with fluffy white clouds right the way to snow and back again.
    Mr J has been trying to work out how to stop up the places we have identified rats are getting into the cavity wall. They chew through expanding foam. And Jake caught a rat by the compost heap, he killed it very quickly, but I wonder if it was ill to start off with as it shouldn’t have been anywhere he could get it in day light. Maybe a parasite? One of the ones that changes behaviour to increase the chances of it being passed on to the next host? I think I better pick up more worming etc tablets for the dogs.

  8. says

    Dying while taking a picture might be an on brand death for me, but given that it was a tree and not an ent, I decided to stay inside where it’s safe and dry. It will still be there tomorrow.

  9. says

    We had highest wind since 2014 when I bought meteostation and started to record local weather. Our greenhouses hold comparatively well -- the small one still stands and the bigger one has only lost two window panes so far. So the reinforcements that I have built into the small one seem to work, because last time we had a wind so strong it was dismantled by it.
    Damages so far about 120,-€, but the weather forecast is very grim for the next 24 hours, so the shit might hit the fan yet. I probably won’t be able to sleep well, the wind is very loud…

    Today I was finaly fever-free and pain-free even without medication, so tomorow I can go to work if I take it easy, which should not be a problem. I want to avoid going to the doctor if I can avoid it, I do not want to catch another disease in the waiting room.

  10. Jazzlet says

    Oops, sorry for calling you daft when you weren’t!

    Make sure you do take it easy.
    I hope your greenhouses both survive as intact as they are now. It’s windy here too, and for some reason high winds always make me tense, so I sympathise. I hope you do get some sleep, if you really don’t maybe re-think going to work?

  11. says

    I spoke too soon. I have mild fever again, so tomorow I am going to the doctor so I can stay at home a few more days. I do not intend to develop myocarditis or bronchitis or pneumonia from neglected flu.

  12. Jazzlet says

    Charly I hope you don’t have anything horrid already, although fever iincreasing over a day is common in several illnesses. I especally hope you don’t catch anything else while at the doctors. Sleep well.

    We have now added thunder hail, to rain, snow, sunshine and clouds from fluffy white to the darkest grey today. Settle down weather!

  13. chigau (違う) says

    At about noon today I checked the temperature. There was no “-” in front of the number.
    thermometer is broken?
    daylight saving time?
    global warming?

  14. says

    Today morning I visited my GP, he recommended rest and fluids (no surprise there) and evtl antipyretics until Friday. Subsequently I took my parents to shopping, because sick or not we cannot decide not to eat, and I took the paperwork to my employer and the health insurance company.
    It all took only about 4 hours, most of which I was sitting, but I was so tired afterwards that I slept five hours straight. Had I gone to work, it would not have ended well.

  15. lumipuna says

    A lone wolf was sighted in the suburbs of Helsinki this morning, just a couple km from my home. Police drove it a long way towards the east, into the woods. Expect indignation from rural Finns, since they’ve long complained about having to live with occasional wolf sightings, without the police showing up to herd the animal into someone else’s backyard (or better yet, shoot it).

    (brief video of the wolf by some morning commuters)

  16. Jazzlet says

    Well I’m glad you aren’t at work and have food in, along with someone to look after you. Rest up and enjoy your knife books.

    Poor wolf, it was clearly being seen off by those crows.

  17. Ice Swimmer says

    Charly, my best possibles for you!

    lumipuna @ 16

    I wonder if the wolf came to Helsinki so that it could hunt wabbits?

  18. says

    Charly, I hope you feel better soon.

    Friday we picked up Mum’s ashes. Today we went back for the death certificates, at which point I discovered that her birthdate is off by a week. I read the working copy over and over and never spotted that error, dammit. I’m getting some amended copies, but since it was my error, we have to pay for them and it’ll be another ten days. In the words of Charles Darwin, “I am very stupid and hate everything and everybody.” (Except you good beings, you’re all awesome.)

    I’ll be in the pillow fort until further notice, banging my head on the pillows.

  19. Jazzlet says

    Oh Anne I am sorry! Have some hot chocolate in a tip proof mug, so you won’t spill it over the pillows as you bang your head.

    When my dad died we discovered that he had never probated my mum’s will, she died nearly thirty years before he did, and the house was in her name as they assumed he would die first. In order to sort it all out one thing we had to do was prove they were married, but we couldn’t find a marriage certificate. They were married during the the war when both moved around a lot and although we knew some of the places they had lived none of us had any idea where they got married. All of the children were panicking, Mr J quietly went to Manchester Central Records Office, found out they’d been married in Cockermouth -- not somewhere any of us had known they’d lived -- and got a copy of the marriage certificate.

    I hope you are feeling as well as is possible when you’re ill if that makes sense.

    I am fretting about Thorn, I suspect she has some spinal degeneration going on, she’s doing a lot of involuntary ‘scratching’ particularly with her left back leg. I also don’t think the pain from her arthritis is entirely under control, she does warning off growls at Jake if he comes near her when she’s lying down. Writing this has convinced me I need to take her to the vet so I’ve an appointment for later today. Useful TNET!

  20. Jazzlet says

    Well that was some what reassuring, the vet doesn’t seem to be worried about the nerves as such. She agreed that Thorn is getting pain in her hips and spine, offered me a choice of pain killers, and I ended up laughing. They were Tramadol, paracetamol and Gabapentin, she started to explain each in turn after naming them, and each time I stopped her “I take that, I know about it in humans”. We’re starting with Tramadol, it may or may not work, but if it does work it has the least side effects, so fingers crossed. We’ve also got an anti- itch medicine as she is scratching her face for no obvious reason, but because the fur is still thin she’s damaging her skin, so more fingers crossed that works.

  21. says

    @Anne, have a hug, if it help. We are still dealing with my uncle’s inheritance, over one year since he died and things are stil not resolved because his siblings make needles and stupid obstructions.

    I am currently residing in a very literal pillow fort. I do not have fever anymore, but although I was doing nothing the whole day, I have exactly 37°C. So not a fever yet, not normal temperature either (I have typically 36,4°C when not working physically). I hope I get well until friday, because my brother has 50th birthday this weekend and I can’t go to the celebration if I am sick. The physician said I might get well, but also it might take three weeks, judged by how the bug afflicted other people in our town.

  22. voyager says

    I’m so sorry that things got a bit muddled. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are so many things that need to be done when someone dies and they’re all things that you hardly ever do and you’re trying to do them full of grief and emotion. I hope it gets sorted out quickly. I’ll meet you in the pillow fort with a pot of Earl Gray tea and some oatmeal shortbreads.

    Poor Thorn. I hope the Tramadol makes her comfortable. We had another chocolate lab who was full of arthritis in her senior years. She was kept comfortable right up to the end with Tramadol and an anti-inflammatory called Meloxin. The last few months of her life she also used a high CBD marijuana oil. I use the oil myself and the vet thought it might be worth a try. It worked well, too. (I also use gabapentin and we did try that with our dog, but it wasn’t much help.)

    I hope it doesn’t take 3 weeks for you to feel better! It would be a shame to miss your brother’s 50th birthday. Stay in the pillow fort, drink, drink, drink and do your best to piss out the germs.

  23. says

    If it’s any help, the times I spotted the mistake in a text I’d written the second after I hit “print” is amazing.

    Poor Thorn. Getting old is a tough job.

    I hope you’re getting better and can go to your brother’s birthday.

    Re: houses and inheritance: I wished people did that sensibly while they’re still young enough. the cases I know of families that were torn apart or at the brink of ruins because of things like having to spilt or taxes or all that shit…


  24. Nightjar says

    Hi everyone. Sorry for disappearing, I’ve been reading and I have photos to share, but I haven’t been feeling very communicative lately. I’m alright, I think it’s just the approaching of the anniversary of my grandma’s death followed by my birthday that I really don’t feel like celebrating at all. Next week I should be back to normal. *hugs*

  25. Jazzlet says

    I hope you are well enough by Friday to you enjoy your brothe’s 50th birthday celebrations.

    I now wish I had taken Thorn to the vet sooner, she has had just three doses of each of Tramadol and the anti-itch medicine and she’s perked right up, as well as relaxing completely when she isn’t doing anything, no scratching or twtching! It’s so difficult to decide with her, she gets so very nervous it can be hard for the vets to work out what is going on, I’ve been told “well I can’t tell what her hips are like, but her back leg muscles are strong!” by more than one vet, because Thorn has tensed up so tigghtly they couldn’t manipulate the joints. Ah well, we’re both much happier now
    voyager Thorn’s been on Metacam/Meloxicam, different brands of the same anti-inflammatory which I guess will be the same or similar to Meloxin, for some time now, I had increased the dose whenever she showed persistant signs of discomfort, but had reached the maximum dose. I am so glad the Tramadol is working for her, the vet said it didn’t for all dogs.

  26. says

    Germ-free hugs for everyone.

    Shadow, my elderly cat, has decided she doesn’t feel like eating. I spent the morning before we headed to Aged Mum’s experimenting, and found that she will eat dry food and treats if they are either soaked in warm water or broken up into smaller bits. Canned food, however, she turns her nose up at entirely. So on top of everything else, I’m worried about her. I may have to make time to take her to the vet if she doesn’t start eating.

  27. Ice Swimmer says

    My warm thoughts for Anne, Charly, Jazzlet and anyone who’s under the weather or has pets with health issues.

    Nightjar, I’m also sorry for being less active. I’ve been busy with a school project, and I’ve had to play a compliance/conformance engineer for the last few days (I’m already fed up with standards). It’s quite close to the ninth anniversary of the death of my dad, so I get what you mean.

  28. says

    Our elderly cat got quite sick eating commercial cat food so now gets human grade home brand tuna canned in spring water as a part of its daily diet. The plate is always well polished.

  29. says

    Shadow is refusing to eat anything. I’m calling the vet this morning as soon as their office opens. We have to be careful with her diet because too much protein can make her kidney disease worse. I already had a full day of errands today, but I refuse to give up on her.

  30. says

    Lofty, thank you! I had a can of water-packed tuna in the cupboard. Shadow ate what I gave her and demanded more. She even ate some of her dry food that I put the tuna and water on. I’m still calling the vet, but if she can eat tuna, she isn’t entirely hopeless. I’m going to pick up some no-salt tuna when I go shopping this morning, because I’m sure that’ll be better for her kidneys.

  31. Jazzlet says

    Shadow stop adding to the stress that Anne is under, it isn’t kind to your servant.

    Thorn is now reminding us of her poison detecting abilities. She can detect drugs in food with ease and may or may not eat the adulterated food, you wont know until you have already committed to the method that worked the last x times you gave it her, but not this time.

  32. says

    Anne, good to see that Shadow is eating. Our Oscar is doing well a year or two after the tinned cat food scare, although 98% deaf and arthritic he’s still enjoying life at 18. I suspect that tinned pet food is seriously full of chemicals to hide the parlous state of the ingredients, so the cats now share what we thrive on.

  33. says

    I called Shadow’s vet when I got back. She suggested we try another catfood, this time one with rabbit. I went right over, got ten cans (they’ll refund on anything unopened), gave picky puss some -- she ate all of it, demanded more, ate a bit of that, and went off for a nap. This afternoon she ate more, and ate her coming-in treats as well, for the first time in several days. I can’t let my guard down yet, but things look good.

    Paul and I are giggling about eating Bugs Bunny.

  34. voyager says

    I understand about not wanting to celebrate your birthday, so I’ll just leave you a small good wish here. Your grandmother was obviously important in your life. I’d love to hear a story about her if you feel like sharing.

    I’m so happy to hear that Thorn’s feeling better. You took her to the vet as soon as you’d figured out something was wrong. I was here when it happened. Dogs are such masters at keeping things to themselves. I hope you can keep outfoxing with new ideas to get her tablet taken. Our old dog Lucy was the same. First we used something called pill pockets. That worked like twice, I think. Then it was hot dogs. That lasted longer. Then, meatloaf. That lasted for a while, too. After that we used cooked liver. She loved that so much she didn’t care about the tablet so that lasted until she died. With Jack, we only need to toss in it his food bowl and he’s got it.

    Ice Swimmer,
    Compliance and standards are boring. I hope it’s over soon. I once had to write a Policy and Procedure manual and it was mind-numbing. My thoughts are with you as you remember your father. I’d enjoy hearing a story about him if you feel like sharing.

    I’m glad to hear that Shadow’s eating again. I’m also glad that’s she’s eating Bugs Bunny and not the Easter Bunny.

  35. says

    Hugs to allb especially Anne and Nightjar.

    With all the big and horrible and important things going on in the world, we’re stuck with the problem of needing a new car.
    Mr took the car for the oil change and they told him that there’s a couple of things that need replacement soon and thinking about it, it’s not worth it since they’d cost more than the car is worth. Well, some bank will be glad to help us out…

  36. Ice Swimmer says

    voyager @ 36

    The deadline on the report was on Friday and our project manager, AFAIK, submitted it.

    I can tell you about my dad. He died ten days before his 57th birthday. He had type 1 diabetes, which he got when he was a teenager, a farmer’s son, the second youngest sibling of 5. I think that he already knew at a young age, that he may not live long. So he lived life to the full, working hard as a shop manager and cut and sold meat and fish behind the counter (and he was the go-to guy among his friends when they needed expertise on meat or fish) and loved fishing, small-time gambling (sports betting) and he liked to travel every now and then.

    He also met a woman three years older than he was, married, had a kid with her (who inherited his looks, temper and partly his work ethic). They divorced when I was 11 and Dad retired when he was 35 due to his worsening eyesight (diabetes does that). He knew how to deal with the blood sugar and insuline quite well, rarely getting in trouble with that.

    His condition started getting slowly worse when he was in his mid-to-late 40s, but he never complained much. During the last few years of his life, his heart and kidneys were getting in worse and worse shape and he had to spend more and more time in hospital. Also they had to amputate multiple toes and a finger and he started getting neural pains in his hands, he had just about all the complications diabetes can bring.

    His heart gave up one Friday. I had talked to him on the phone a few days before (he lived about 100 km away, and I could sense that he didn’t want me to see him when he was close to the end), and I think I called the nurses in the hospital on Thursday to ask how he was and he was sleeping. They called me from the hospital in the evening when I was in bed, after an exam week (I was doing my bachelor’s and working as a newspaper deliverer).

    His sisters (my aunts, uncle had died already at the time) and me tied the ends of the threads that were hanging loose and we were able to do it with no problems. His ashes were put in the same grave site in which Grandpa, Greatgrandpa and Greatgrandma had been buried.

  37. rq says

    Ice Swimmer
    Thank you for sharing.

    I’m glad to hear everyone’s pets seem to be on the mend!


    I hope you are feeling better!!

  38. gobi's sockpuppet's meatpuppet says

    Hi rq, Giliell, the unequivocal apology is here -- you closed comments seconds before I could comment !
    I didn’t think of it as a gendered slur so I succeeded in being mean and sexist at the same time. A+ for asshole.
    I hope I can bring a smile to help atone:
    Late last year we had a sensor trip in our house -- one that turns on lights when you walk into a dark room.
    Strange thing was it happened during the day with no one home… intruders?
    But our alarm wasn’t triggered…
    Big mystery.
    Fast forward to last week when I was doing a spring clean…
    And flushed out a really big lizard that had been living in our house! A huge bronze garden skink getting fat on spiders :)

  39. rq says

    I closed them up because I don’t want to monitor the post all day, and I apologize it didn’t give you the opportunity to apologize there (didn’t know you were second away…!), but I appreciate you using the open thread here to do so. Thanks.
    Any photos of that lizard?

  40. gobi's sockpuppet's meatpuppet says

    Not that specific lizard… but you can google bronze garden skink to get an idea -- they really do look metallic bronze! I will see if I can get a photo of one from the garden -- we have quite a few big ones up to about 25cm and you can get really close to them :)

    No need to apologise for that :) -- it has been 24hr coverage here and everyone’s emotions are raw. Me included -- and I wasn’t careful to see how my words may have appeared to others.

  41. says

    One hour. I was working in the garden for one hour today, because the weather was reasonably nice for a while (now it rains again, and wind howls). And I needed to know how I will fare, because tomorow I am going to work again.
    I am half dead from being tired now. That one and a half week illness has flushed all my winter exercise down the drain, I am weak as a kitten just as I would be if I did not exercise at all.

  42. Jazzlet says

    Thank you everyone for your comments about Thorn. So far cheese is working for her breakfast codeine, with the anti-itch tablet crushed into the food, and for evening the pills are put in pockets of her chicken drum sticks. Her face is looking a lot better, I think the anti-itch stuff is making a lot of difference, hopefully now she isn’t scratching herself so often her face will heal up so she wont need to take it permanently

    That doesn’t sound like you are really well yet :-( as Giliell says, take it easy.

  43. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer,
    Thanks for sharing your dad’s story. It must have been difficult for him to retire at 35. Gosh, you’re still so vital at that age. Diabetes just keeps picking away at people in little bits that soon add up to a lot. I’m sorry you lost him so young.

    Please take it easy. It sounds like you’re not fully better yet. It can take up to 3 weeks for flu symptoms to subside.

  44. Onamission5 says

    @Jazzlet: Thorne’s pill sniffing-out skills remind me so much of our Mollie! We too tried pill pockets, then hot dogs, then cheese, lunch meat, a half dozen other things, it feels like. When cheese et al quit working (because she began to associate treats with pills, I’m sure of it!) strangely enough the thing what (mostly) stymied her was to tuck her meds into a dollop of wet food atop her dry food, which was also lightly mixed with wet. Either she was too hungry at meals to care, or she decided the only way to get to the kibble was through the meds, or the smell of all that wet dog food overwhelmed her senses.

    If the cheese fails, which I sincerely hope it doesn’t, worth a try?

  45. Jazzlet says

    We are always interested in new concealers. We have used smooth liver pate in the past with reasonable effectivenes. Though if she does start ggetting too picky she is gentle enough that one can safely open her mouth and shove the capsule as far as possible down her throat, then hold her mouth shut while stroking her throat; I don’t like doing that, but it certainly works.

    I am getting more and more worried about Brexit, which doesn’t really make sense. Parliament voted against No Deal so my greatest personal worry -- the uninterupted supply of my numerous meds -- shouldn’t not be a problem. I guess it’s just that however often they vote against No Deal it’s going to happen if they don’t vote for a deal, and there are a lot of odious fuckers who want No Deal so badly the thought of it gives them wet dreams. The prominent ones are all Oxbridge educated men from families with money, used to power, used to getting their way and I am so so so very done with all of that crap that has been damaging British politics for centuries. It honestly makes me nauseous thinking about them, especially Rees-Mogg.

  46. rq says

    Parliament voted against No Deal

    This has been something of a mindbending exercise for me -- how can they vote against No Deal if they have… no deal?

    The prominent ones are all Oxbridge educated men from families with money, used to power, used to getting their way and I am so so so very done with all of that crap that has been damaging British politics for centuries.

    I can understand how this can be nauseating. If I remember correctly, aren’t there a whole slew of Brexiters who have already managed to move their business out of the country, even though they’re talking about how great business will be in the UK after March 29?
    It’s too bad they couldn’t make April 1 the Brexit deadline, what a joke that would be. And by “joke” I mean exactly what it is right now but with even more added irony or Schadenfreude or Monty Python or whatever it is that’s going on over there.

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