Luna Day Mood.

Nergal two ways, three videos! Behemoth, of course, and Nergal’s recent side project, a Western fusion kind of thing, Me And That Man. CW: there’s brief full frontal nudity in the Behemoth video. It’s good to see Nergal continues to do well after the fight with leukemia. A lot of people are being asses about Me And That Man, but I say give it a chance. There’s the new Behemoth album you can run back to, but it’s normal for artists to stretch themselves now and again.

Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun!

Me And That Man – Ain’t Much Loving.

Me And That Man – Cross My Heart And Hope To Die.


  1. rq says

    I love it when bands try something new and completely outside their usual niche! (Unfortunately the Behemoth video is unavailable to me, I will try a way around that, so I can’t really compare.)
    But to semi-rant for a bit -- there’s a brit-alt-pop type band here that a few years ago put out an album in the hip-hop-slash-electronic-ish style and it was extremely refreshing, very different from their usual fare but also very different from what other bands were doing.
    Unfortunately, most hardcore fans said ‘NO’ quite loudly, and the three albums they’ve put out since are very run-of-the-mill, especially the last: it’s nice, but there’s no surprises and that gets a bit boring.
    Anyway, I say try new things, musicians! So long as you’re having fun with it!

  2. says

    Behemoth is black/death metal, with comprehensible dirty lyrics. I can only take the growling lyrics in small doses in most cases but Nergal is very good with it, and doesn’t try to stretch his vocal cords outside his natural voice. His speaking voice is fantastic, and he often does a small amount of speaking, like in the video I included here. I’m sorry you can’t watch it, I don’t know why. Nergal & Behemoth are out of Poland.

    Me And That Man is with John Porter, who is English. I so agree with you about bands stretching -- I’m always willing to give bands a chance when they do something different. It can take a bit to get used to that, but it really bothers me when people are instant asses about it. Yesterday’s video was one of those too -- Winterfylleth’s latest is all acoustic folk, not at all their normal face shredding metal with dirty lyrics. It was a compleat surprise, but so beautiful. I bought the album. And I bought Me And That Man’s album, too. :D

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