1. Kreator says

    You’re both welcome, I’m very glad this proved interesting. And sure, Giliell, I’d be honored! And I’m sure Mr. Cura would be too.
    By the way, Caine: there’s a second mural from this artist that’s in a nearby city, almost as large as this one. However it’s still more local, focusing on the history of my province; here’s a general view. Would you be interested in some close-up pictures anyway? It’s not a long trip, so I could do it this weekend; maybe I could even try to borrow a better camera for the occasion. Also from the same source, here’s a picture featuring a small portion of “The Transport” that I missed, probably because those branches that can be seen to the right of the picture have now grown to cover it partially. Top center, it showcases the enaction of women’s right to vote, championed from the beginning by Eva Perón between 1946 and 1947.

  2. jazzlet says

    Kreator Gosh that photo you linked to really shows how much the blues in particular have faded. I hope that the mural does get restored to its original glory.

    I would love to see the other mural in more detail, please Caine?

  3. voyager says

    I’ve really enjoyed this Kreator. It challenged me to think. I would love to see the other mural, too. It looks vibrant and bright.

  4. Kreator says

    Thanks for the votes of confidence! I haven’t been to this other city in a while, so I hope the other mural isn’t as deteriorated as this one was; at least it has the advantage of being four years younger, from 2010.

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