1. Kreator says

    Historical notes:
    These pictures represent the 70’s. #3 references the Trelew Massacre of 1972, the most infamous moment in my city’s history in which 16 political prisoners were executed by the military in a nearby aeronaval base, as revenge for an unsuccessful escape attempt on their part. Top right of that same picture depicts the 1978 FIFA World Cup, which took place in our country during the reign of our last military dictatorship, the National Reorganization Process. The military government used it as an effective distraction, the ultimate circus (the clown in picture #2 probably represents just that.) It is widely believed that the illegitimate government fixed the outcome of at the very least one match, Argentina vs Peru which we won 6-0.
    The three headless officers and their corresponding grim reapers in picture #4 are the successive military juntas of the dictatorship.

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