The Transport, Part 1.

From Kreator: This mural is called “The Transport” and it was made in 2006 by an artist called Román Cura. It is one of the largest urban murals in Argentina and I’m very proud to have it here in the city of Trelew. It decorates the walls of a transport company called Don Otto S.A. and it was commissioned by them; it homages the history of transport in the Patagonia region accompanied by scenes from important events both domestic and foreign. Unfortunately it’s not in the best shape right now, but it’s still quite impressive in my opinion. You’ll notice how the artist even took advantage of wall drains and made them part of the mural itself. It had been restored once before, so I hope they can do it again sometime.

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  1. says

    There’s a lot of beautiful and profound art in this, I’m looking forward to spending time with each section.

  2. Nightjar says

    I agree with Caine, just in these 4 images there is so much to admire. Looking forward to the other parts. Thanks for sharing, Kreator!

  3. Kreator says

    You’re welcome Nightjar, and thanks for posting this, Caine! I will try to provide extra commentary whenever I can. Aside from famous tango singer Carlos Gardel, it seems that no real Argentinian persons are caricatured in this first set of pictures, though the first group of people obviously represents our military dictatorships. I forgot to take a closer picture of the disembodied mouth appearing at the lower right corner of the third picture: its throat is a wall drain, so it actually “drools” when raining.
    By the way, I apologize in advance for all the weird angles. Trees in the sidewalk + pretty busy street = problems!

  4. voyager says

    What an interesting mural with a lot of ideas to piece together. Every time I look I see something else.

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