Jack’s Walk

First trillium of the year

It’s only 4° today and and almost feels as if it could snow. Despite this shock to the system, the forest is starting to wake up. Our favorite park is actually a protected wildflower sanctuary and normally there are hundreds of trilliums by now. Today we found only one, but the ground cover is greening up and I’m sure more trilliums will show up soon. The forecast is for two more days of cold and then temperatures in the twenties. Now that will get the flowers growing.

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C Is For Cockatiel and Caturra.

Cockatiel. Caturra, Portuguese for cockatiel.

This sweetie is my pet cockatiel, simultaneously a complete accident and the best thing to happen to me recently. An accident because I never planned to have a pet cockatiel. But when I realized that 1) her parents had stopped feeding her way to early and she was starving on the aviary’s floor and 2) no one but me seemed to care, I decided to do something about it and hand-fed her. She’s part of the family now.

Click for full size! What a beauty. She looks on the mischievous side.

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Jack’s Walk

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We found a surprise in the woods this morning. The University of Guelph is doing a study of insect DNA across the country and they have installed a trap in our little forest. It’s pretty early in the season for bugs around here, but there was a lot of activity at the trap and more than a few already caught. I wonder how often they will come to collect? Our little forest is the smallest provincial park in Ontario and we often get overlooked. It’s a nice feeling to think that we’re a part of something important. It’s also nice because the path has been cleared so that Jack and I don’t need to scramble up and over anymore fallen trees.

The Most Important Thing: Covering Up!

Wallnau's "diagram". Screen grab.

Wallnau’s “diagram”. Screen grab.

Oh, Lance is ranting again, and this time, had a “diagram” to illustrate his screeth.

During on online Bible study session on Friday, Wallnau drew an increasingly jumbled diagram in an effort to visually demonstrate how Trump is “under the authority of God” and protected by “the blood of Jesus Christ,” while Trump’s critics, who are “operating outside of the realm,” are being controlled by Satan.

“If you are outside of God’s authority,” Wallnau said, “you actually could be in the realm where Satan himself has access to your heart and to your mind, and that’s what I’m watching happen to millions of Americans now that despise what God has done.”

Personally, I don’t think most Americans despise anything Jehovah has done, because figments of the imagination don’t actually do anything. A whole lot of people are more than thoroughly disgusted by and with the Tiny Tyrant and his regime of money-sucking incompetents. It’s like watching the Keystone Mafia.

“If He puts Donald Trump into the White House,” he continued, “and you’re one of those people that actually has a visceral hatred of this man, if you continue to operate in this weird spirit, then what happens is Satan begins to take over more and more of your mind and more and more of your heart and you become more and more deranged. That’s what I am watching happen.”

From my reading, it seems like the only people deep into hysterical derangement are evangelical christians. Look at the recent idiocy over boy scouts – not even close to coherent. I can’t say I hate the Tiny Tyrant, but I’d certainly like to boot his old ass a long, long way from the white house. He can go back to his scams, and we can get a government back.

Wallnau went on to attack those “big-mouth Christians who have a problem with this president,” insisting that the proper role of Christians is to serve as intercessors for Trump, working to cover up any of his faults in order to prevent Satan from being able to use them to attack the president.

“Our jobs as intercessors is to be applying intercession so that we can do what we have to do to try to clean up that hole,” he said. “What the Lord is saying to us is, ‘What I want you to do is I don’t want you to focus on the faults, I want you to just go ahead and put a patch over that, put a Band-Aid over there so that that hole is covered.’”

“When you see a flaw in a leader, your job is to cover it,” Wallnau declared, warning that anyone who attempts to “judge a man of God, a man who God has anointed” will wind up opening themselves up to spiritual warfare and eventually having their own flaws and secrets exposed to the world.

How interesting this is, I had no idea that the job of christians is to cover up faults and crimes. The Tiny Tyrant is an amazingly sleazy person, I don’t think it’s really possible to cover everything up, and it certainly does not speak well of christians that their job is to cover up a vast amount of immorality. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in judging the Tiny Tyrant, and I don’t have any flaws and secrets to expose, because I’m already open about my flaws, which are many, and I can’t be arsed with keeping skeletons in a closet. And here I thought that christians were supposed to pray and work to be better people, but no, their job is to be part of Cover Up Squad!

Even if you did get christians to do this, it couldn’t possibly work. To all appearances, the Tiny Tyrant doesn’t have a conscience, and constantly leaks his rotten behaviour all over the place, because he has problems seeing anything he does or says as being wrong.

“You’re going to reap what you sow,” he said. “You’re going to let the devil into your house.”

We’re already reaping the consequence of not paying attention, and letting a sleazy psychopath into the white house, and then not having anyone with the spine to kick his ass out. It will take decades to repair all the damage, assuming we get the opportunity to do so.

RWW has the story and video.