Peeling Paint.

Yesterday, I started the process for some peeled paint pieces. As noted before, acrylics are, of course, the paint of choice for this type of thing. However, if you have inks or other non-acrylics you’d like to use, just lay down a nice puddle of fluid medium first. I use Liquitex. I lay out my paints on the waxed side of freezer paper. It’s lovely peeling fluid medium, because you can do it in one lovely piece. (To be torn apart later, or not.) I took this one outside to photograph, had some fun with it. Then it was time for the more painstaking peel. Click for full size!

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Don’t Put Oak Galls In Your Vagina.

Oak Gall. Screenshot.

Seems there’s always an unscrupulous person somewhere, trying to convince people with vaginas to stick this, that, and the other up there. Generally speaking, outside of approved objects, like sex toys, bits of your partner[s], and tampons, you really, really shouldn’t do that sort of thing, let alone listen to people who think sticking a high tannin oak gall up your vagina is a good idea. It’s not. Drying out your vagina is not a good thing, in any way, and is likely to lead to nasty problems. Dr. Jen Gunter addresses this on on her blog. The particular purveyor of oak galls not only advises sticking them up your vagina, but drinking them, too. A teeny, tiny bit of sense goes a long, long way. And if you want tannins, drink a glass of red wine. Don’t put that up your vagina, either.

This product follows the same dangerous pathway of other “traditional” vaginal practices, meaning tightening and drying the vagina which is both medically and sexually (for women anyway) undesirable. Drying the vaginal mucosa increases the risk of abrasions during sex (not good) and destroys the protective mucous layer (not good). It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria. In addition to causing pain during sex it can increase the risk of HIV transmission. This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm. Here’s a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina it is generally bad for the vagina.

GYNO Etsy seems all about dry tight vaginas. I’m thinking they should back away from the medicinal products, you know? It’s promoting a both a bad sexual ideal, that something must be wrong if your vagina is damp, and a dangerous practice. While many women won’t buy this product it’s just one more bullshit message about vaginal health. It’s no wonder there are so many useless and/or harmful products on drugstore shelves designed to dry and clean vulvas and vaginas.

So don’t put dried up wasp’s nest in your vagina. I feel pretty confident in offering that up as medical advice and for goodness sake don’t tell Paltrow.

Full article here.

Target: The Tiny Tyrant. Brilliant!

As always, artists are at the forefront of the latest Tiny Tyrant Total Fuck Up, brilliantly skewering Trump’s idiotic, uniformed, grossly mistaken decision to withdraw from the Climate Accord. Apparently, Trump asked “at what point do they start laughing at America”, being utterly oblivious to how people have viewed this lost country since his campaign and election. Ever the Fucking Idiot.

Marian Kamensky, America First. Click for full size.

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