1. rq says

    It really creeps me out. Even now. Here’s your gothic horror tree monster, Giliell. It comes alive during the new moon (the full moon is so overdone) and stalks the fields for wayward children and lost cats, impaling those it finds on its branches and injecting them with poison -- The limp bodies are carried back to its rooting spot, where they are slowly digested over the course of the next lunar month, until the next new moon… when it rises again, seeking prey and the accidental field mice, forever hungry, never satisfied.
    (Also, I feel like it should mumble things in a sinister rasp about proper attire for women and hem lengths and modesty, but that could just be a result of some things I’ve been reading.)

    It’s probably just misunderstood, though.

  2. kestrel says

    It does look like it’s going to stalk off on stabby feet. Have you checked to make sure it’s still in the same place that you first saw it?

  3. rq says

    Actually the first association I made that day was with Yeats’ Second Coming, esp the closing lines about slouching. I’ll be back during leafy time and I will make sure it’s still in place.

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