Assuming the Pity Position.

A young squirrel noted the feeding stations being filled, and I noticed young squirrel. Told him no, because dinosaur photo day. I was back inside, where I normally am to shoot birds, with the window open. Young squirrel looks at me, I say no again. Young squirrel opts for the pity position, curling one hand in against the chest, a signifier of just how effing cold it is, have pity! No is reiterated. Young squirrel goes the full court pity position, with both hands curled in, it’s really really really really freezing cold! I remarked to young squirrel that he should not have chosen a day with the sun shining and the temp a very unseasonable 54 F.



© C. Ford.


  1. says

    Beautifull pictures. Our resident squirrel only comes near the feeder when I am not at home. Other than that s/he only wakes me up sometimes at night when s/he decides to go for a walk on the wall near my window. Scratching of those tiny feet on polystyrol isolated wall makes pretty audible noise.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Fine pictures indeed.

    The red squirrels outside my window won’t stay in sight if they see any movement or hear any noise from me. In a flash of reddish brown and black they will go to the other side of the tree, up and away.

  3. says

    Our numerous Fox squirrels are not remotely shy. A number of them sit in defiance on the deck railings when I’m out there.

    As for noise, oy. The scolding is bad enough (sounds like multiple pissed off Donald Ducks in the trees), but they often play, which involves tearing across the roof at top speed. Sounds like elephants up there.

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