Stand in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq people, and help them if you can

In his video on Witchcraft, Gender, and Marxism, Ollie Thorn of Philosophy tube presents the perspective that the medieval witch hunts and the terrorist lynching campaigns waged against black people both ended not because society “got better” and realized they were wrong, but more because the campaigns achieved their goals in one way or another, and so the bloodshed ended for that reason.

I think the same can be said of the history of colonialism, and colonialist aggression against indigenous people. In the United States, for example, there is no treaty made between the government and any Native American tribe or group of tribes that was not later broken when doing so seemed useful to the U.S. government, or to Euro-American business interests. This continues to the present day, with things like gas pipelines, water rights, and more, and it is by no means limited to the United States. It’s true throughout the Americas. It’s true in European countries where corporations and governments come into conflict with indigenous groups.

While Canada may have an international reputation for being “nice”, from what I can tell that has never been the experience of the First Nations people still living there. I’ve talked briefly before about the ongoing struggle over corporate use of Wet’suwet’en land, but unfortunately it’s safe to assume that it’s never just happening in one place.

The Mi’kmaq First Nation of Sipekne’katik recently decided to assert its legal right to establish a livelihood lobster fishery, currently totaling 7 licenses, allowing up to 350 traps total. For an idea of the scale of this, the overall “settler” lobster fishery consists of over 367,000 traps. Despite the fractionally small impact this would have on the lobster fishery, and the livelihoods of commercial fishermen, the Sipekne’katik  fleet has been met with an intense and violent reaction.

 (Below is from the threadreader app unroll of @TheAgentNDN‘s thread)
Now you tell me who is the bigger threat to lobster stocks and marine conservation in general? I’m no bigshot mathematician, but it seems to me like ONE average Nova Scotia lobster fishing vessel is working with many more lobster traps than all Mi’gmaq vessels combined.

Keep this discrepancy in mind when you read about settlers cutting lines on Mi’gmaw traps, when you see videos of them shooting flare guns at us, when you hear stories about gas stations refusing to serve us because we’re Native.
Whenever someone directs violence, intimidation, and threats at us in the name of “conservation” remember that settlers take more lobster using a SINGLE BOAT than our entire fleet does.

If settlers are so worried, they should ask their neighbors to stop fishing so much.
The fact of the matter is that we’ve been fishing these waters for thousands of years and we’ve never had any problems. The fishery has never been on the verge of collapsing under our watch.

Can settlers say the same?

Follow that twitter thread, and Ku’ku’kwes News for more updates on the story, and check out this google drive for ways in which you can help the Mi’kmaq fishery. They’re just trying to make a living on their ancestral land at a very small scale, and they’ve come under assault for even that minor assertion of their rights.

The colonization of the Americas never stopped. The marginalization and brutalization of Indigenous Americans never stopped. It only appeared to stop, at least to white folks like me, because we were taught that all that was in the past, and because, as with the destruction of many European indigenous cultures, much of the job had already been done. The greed and bigotry driving the atrocities of the past have gone nowhere, and the system in which we live retains all the physical and cultural infrastructure needed to resume any campaign of violent oppression required to maintain the supremacy of capitalism and the suicidal pursuit of endless growth.

Help out if you can, contribute to Agent NDN’s patreon if you can, and be on the lookout for others around the world whose struggles you might be able  to aid, even a little. The only way out of the mess we’re in is to commit to global solidarity in word and in deed, and to act collectively for the collective good. This means doing our utmost to repair the damage done by previous generations, prevent that damage from being perpetuated, and to lift everyone up so we can all fight the same fights together as one species. There is no path to a sustainable future that does not address the need for social, economic, and environmental justice.

More Geomanticarum Demons

Content Warning: Flashing Lights, Extreme Cheesiness:

Got some more demons to ponder.  I was able to work out a lot on some of them, less on others, but mostly I just need to fill in a few gaps.  Some of these are more interesting than others.

The first boy in the book, “King Avedje, a great duke appearing crowned with a diadem, there is nothing visible of him but his head, and before him proceed two ministers carrying trumpets.  (I love that trumpets are tubas in this BS.)   Teaches fully logic and (hycam?) and all (pereimi?) gives best arts, best understanding of all languages.  Gives best familiars.  Gives full true responses of past present future, arts or things occult consecrated and arcane, and secrets.  (gibberish coming…) And of consecration them of the (Lupyh?),  let him be then forced into a corner, and then  gives true responses without being asked, 30 legions.”

I think I confirmed this guy for appearing in The Book of Oberon under the name “Ebeyeth,” where he is also described as a floating head crowned with a diadem, but the rest of the description there is too short, leaves too much out to be of much use.

This one man… no fucking idea.  Trying to implement what I can learn from cartomancer in the comments:

“Ara dux et marchio Apparet insimilitudine draconis : cum nomine suscipit formam humanam mirabiliter cogit omne genus serpentum si preceptor fuit sapiens potent omne genus sapientum constringere si fili plaenerit et faciat fieri imum serpentem de quoruma?? metallo et faciat consecrari : ut nullus genus serpentum audeat in illis pribus accedere : et istud stabit ad bene placitum sine in eternum . et caveat me frangatur imago que statim virtutem admitteret . Dat responsa de pretentis presentibus et futuris : et habet sub se 29 legions.”

My best effort to make sense of that: “Ara, duke and marquis, appears in the likeness of a dragon.  When assuming the form called human, has marvelous knowledge of all types of snakes, if the teacher is able to be wise, all kinds of wisdom contained.  If son (plaenerit?) and makes it one snake of (quorumas?) metals and makes hallowed, that no kind of snake dare to approach them first, and this rule does not stand well forever.  And should I break the image, then power is allowed. Gives responses of past present and future, has under him 29 legions.”

Hilariously, depending on what word it’s next to in google translate, “serpentum” becomes “florida.”  There is no demon that appears in the form of a dragon and has this snake-obsessed of a description in the sources I’ve read.  Volach has the snake control and rides a dragon, but has a separate entry in this book and is otherwise fairly different.  Most demons appearing in the form of a dragon are more elaborately described, with multiple heads and what have you.

“Paragalla – great marquis and count – appears in the likeness of a knight, head like a lion, riding on a fiery flame.  Controls (carries over?) birds and animals and makes the exorcist knights of copper in hand carrying sword that is sharp, and show himself Paragalle and (consacrer?) aforementioned knight.  ( worse gibberish coming) Has carrying wounds or (interfiriendi?) with sword or knife only (mom? mon?) be fixed later placed in kings house, between many discords or between husband and wife.  Has under him 30 legions.”

There are a few lion-headed knights in demonologies: Boab and Saylmon from this book, Allocer Sabnach and Purson/Curson from the Pseudomonarchia Demonum and related books… And that’s not including demons that are just lions, or lions with wings, or lions with snake tails or duck feet or whatever.  I think these writers imaginations were broken.  Anyway, none quite match the description of Paragalla here.

This is my favorite for one weird detail.  I think he appears in the form of a cicada, which is unusual and interesting.  That word looks like “cichade,” and later “cichadas” appears.  Latin for cicada is “cicada,” Italian is “cicala.”  This isn’t quite either of those and I could be dead wrong, but what else can it be?  My best translation:  “Great count Acar appears in the likeness of a cicada, and then in human form speaks with a rough voice, and is the prince of flies and locusts, and per the exorcist powerfully help people control and bind cicadas and other similar things.  Let there be, therefore, an image from copper or other metals, of aforementioned president consecrated. Provides love between men and women, gives true responses of past present and future, has 20 legions.”

Printable Postcards: Follow the Precedent You Set, GOP

First, if you haven’t read Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, and we’re the ones going to hell over at Pervert Justice, I recommend that you do.

Second, I’ve written a couple postcards that I’ll mail out to my Republican senators tomorrow.  They’re up at my website:  If you’d like to use them as is, please do.  Or update them as you’d like.  Printing instructions are included on the linked page.

Contact information for senators can be found here:   Usually, I just send postal mail to their local offices, since it arrives sooner.

I’m off to make a couple phone calls to their offices now.

The interesting history of the Miss America pageant

I have of course heard of the Miss America and Miss USA pageants and recall having seen bits of either or both (it was hard for me to tell the difference) on TV many years ago. To me they seemed to be two sides of the same coin, an opportunity to parade attractive young women in swim suits before a large TV audience. But in the August 31, 2020 issue of The New Yorker magazine, Lauren Collins says there are differences between the two, in that the Miss America organization insists that its contest is about more than looks.
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Carnival of Curiosity: Science Fiction and Social Justice

On Saturday, 26 September, we’re going to have a stellar discussion with a stellar bunch of panelists on the collision of science fiction with social justice, and how it made the field better. You’ll want to tune in to this one!

Featuring the minds of:

Abe Drayton
PZ Myers
Steve Shives
Joe Stevenson
TD Walker

And remember, this is a fundraiser.

They Finally Spoke: Scientific American breaks with tradition

Scientific American has existed for 175 years.  In all that time, the journal has strenuously avoided politics because science must be objective and impartial, not cater to partisan politics.

For the first time, SA has broken tradition and has chosen to endorse Joe Biden for president.  I read this as an admission by SA that objectivity and education is no longer possible on one side, and that scientists have to speak for the survival of the planet, not party politics.

The Guardian: Prestigious US science journal to back Biden in first endorsement in 175-year history

In a break with its 175-year tradition, the prestigious US magazine Scientific American has for the first time endorsed a candidate in a US presidential election – the Democratic party nominee, Joe Biden.

The magazine has taken the line because, it says, “Donald Trump has badly damaged the US and its people – because he rejects evidence and science.”

Excerpts from the Scientific American editors’ statement are below the fold, the link in the title.

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Carnival of Curiosity: I Have More Than One Pseudonym

No, I don’t have one as famous as Chuck Tingle or anything, but I have used multiple ‘nyms in multiple ways for the past 25 years, including 2 that have published erotica and porn, as well as friendship stories that made humorous use of erotica’s and porn’s tropes without ever having the characters engage with each other sexually.

I did it for many different reasons, but one of the most important was that it raised funds for activist work I was doing at the time. In one of my more notable successes, I auctioned off a single, autographed story (on paper, like I was a common Gutenberg, can you believe it?) for over $900 to fund an important conference trip.

So when it became time to make a major push to retire the debt with which Richard Carrier’s lawsuit saddled FreethoughtBlogs, I thought to myself, “Self,” I thought, “what was the most successful thing you’ve ever done when you needed to raise money for a good cause?” And, obviously, I thought of porn.

So I have decided to once again auction off my skills of an artist. In this case, however, I’m offering you more control over my keyboard and less paper and autographs. For this fundraiser, there will be an auction and also a separate, flat-rate bonus round.

For the first, the winning bid will entirely and solely commission me, Crip Dyke, to write a story, humorous or serious, in which main characters the winner outlines engage in friendship, romance and/or hot steamy sex, as specified by the winner alone.

My custom stories have been used in the past as birthday, anniversary, or other gifts for friends, partners & spouses. They have been used to open up dialog about including new kinds of sex in a relationship when bringing up the possibility directly seemed scary, or to share a fantasy that someone felt as though they could not adequately describe. Other times a custom story can be used simply to tell a person how much you care about and appreciate them. One was even used to embed a confession and apology – a strategy that appeared to work in restoring that relationship’s balance. (Though please, don’t mistreat anyone just for the opportunity to get more from one of my stories!)

If you are the winner, you can expect the final story to fall between 2000 and 6000 words and to be actually edited, unlike the work I typically post to my blog. For best results, I will expect you to be actively involved in imagining what type of story would make you most happy and to e-mail back and forth several times to make sure the final product does not violate any important ideas you hold about who the characters should be and how they should experience their shared world. Because both communication and art take time, allow 30 days from first e-mail contact about the story to delivery of the final product. While I expect to take significantly less than this, total time required will depend in part on the prompt return of e-mails asking for your custom parameters.

You may use this story as you like, so long as you do not sell it for publication, include it in your own for-sale publication, put the text up on a paywalled website, or put any part of it on merchandise for sale. This is slightly broader than unlimited non-commercial use as you should feel free to include choice quotes on your business website or in other free but commercially related venues, perhaps even in your personal bio, so long as the quotes themselves are not behind a paywall. At your whim the story can be published on this blog or delivered privately to you for your exclusive use.

As a (former) erotic/pornograhic professional short story writer who has taught workshops on short story writing generally and sex story writing specifically, my excellent work does not come free, or even cheap. I expect to spend more than 8 hours on this project, and at the US$15 minimum living wage that I support, that would mean that the absolute minimum value of this project is US$120. If there is no bid matching or exceeding $120, there will, sadly, be no custom short story delivered to a single person this month – though if the monthly fundraisers continue, there will be future opportunities to win this rare and coveted Crip Dyke custom work.

The winner of this auction will be determined according to rules developed by my FtB friend and generous mailer of curiously light cardboard boxes, Marcus Ranum: You may bid in the comments below or via e-mail (sent to CripDyke on Gmail) for more privacy. All bids will be assumed to be denominated in US dollars. The highest bid will take the prize for the price of $1 more than the second highest bid, or $121 if there are no other qualifying bids. So feel free to bid what you’re willing to pay without worrying that you are overbidding.

But wait, that’s not all! 

If the second-highest bid is over US $200, I will write a custom story for that bidder as well, for exactly the amount of the bid.

But wait, that’s still not all!

Of course, as worthy of support as both the arts and FtB might happen to be, not everyone has $200 or even $121 to spend on the effort. This is why I am also offering a community story. For this effort, every single person who donates $10 and/or sends me a really good sob story about why their under $10 donation should be sufficient (“really good” judged by my whim, of course) will get to contribute one single detail of character, setting or plot to a community creative effort where all the details provided are woven into a single NSFW story, probably intended to be humorous, though I’m reserving artistic freedom here, to be published right here on this blog. Donations in excess of $10 to this effort entitle the donor to specify one detail per $10 given (rounding up or down at my whim, but larger donations are more likely to be rounded up).

Let me be clear here: I fully expect people to try to use this fundraiser to suggest details that appear hard to incorporate into any short story, or even details that appear to contradict other suggested details should they appear in the comments. There will be no detail, silly, nonsensical or contradictory enough to be omitted. My mind is up for this challenge you trolls, so bring it if you got it.

If this effort fails to raise $120, donations will be kept and suggested details will be held over to the next fundraiser, with a community story being written as soon as donations exceed the $120 minimum. If the community story raises $500 or more for the effort, I will also record a dramatic reading of our collective’s story and upload the audio here for unlimited non-commercial use.

All donations for the auction or the community-created story are expected to be verified by screenshot or other reasonably suitable method. There will be no FBI investigations here, but as this work is undertaken on behalf of FtB I have a duty to the network to make a minimal effort to verify that people are donating what they have pledged.

Good luck and good bidding!

Carnival of Curiosity: the Matinee…of PAIN

Unaccountably, multiple people suggested this for our fundraiser: make me sit through some awful, atrocious bit of media while everyone watches me. The form was vague, I think the appeal was entirely in making me weep.

I’ve scheduled it, but we have to get the details down now, and I have questions.

  • OK, what media? I suspect no one was thinking of an Attenborough documentary. Make suggestions! The constraints are that it’s got to be something accessible, so a YouTube something or other, or Netflix. Something by Ray Comfort (boring!), Pureflix (too easy),a horror movie (I might enjoy it), a superhero thingie (I’d probably hate it)? Name things in the comments.
  • Am I supposed to do this alone? Anyone else you’d like to drag down to hell with me? Company might make it more entertaining.
  • How? It should be streamed to YouTube for the greatest reach, but I could set up something with OBS and/or Discord, or even Zoom. Give me ideas!

This is definitely a rough work in progress, but here’s where you can watch whatever abomination we cobble together.

And remember, this is a fundraiser.

Hmmm. Maybe I should auction off the right to name the media, or to share a spot in the matinee with me?

Podcast episode: Global solidarity for the survival of humanity

This podcast episode is a reading of my earlier blog post by the same name.

This gif shows the late Tim Curry, from one of the endings to the movie Clue, saying,

This blog, and its associated podcast, are brought to you by my wonderful patrons, each of whom gives to me according to their ability, that my household might eat according to our needs. If you would like to stand in solidarity with these people, and help support the work I’m doing, you can head over to to join the Oceanoxia Collective. You have nothing to lose but your chains, and as little as $1.00USD/month!

Carnival of Curiosity: Parade of Bloggers, part II

The second event in our September fundraiser is scheduled on YouTube now: The Parade of Bloggers, part II!

This is a continuation of our Friday night event, scheduled for a more convenient time for our European colleagues. It will be just as exciting!

This is all about raising money for FtB, so as will be my custom, I’ll be routinely suggesting where you can send donations: