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Jan 31 2014

Trans panels at FtBCon 2!

This year’s FtBCon, running from January 31 through February 2, will have three trans panels on awesomely diverse topics. These include: Between A Rock And…: Non-Binary Gender in Atheism (February 1, 11 AM – 12 PM) When women started talking about women’s issues in the skeptic and atheist movements, it created an incredibly charged atmosphere …

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Aug 31 2013

I don’t want to be “one of the good ones”


A long-awaited companion piece for Heina. If you’ve ever favorably contrasted me against other trans people or atheists or queer folks or anyone else like me, just because I’ve been quiet when they’ve been outspoken in the face of wrongdoing, or I was overly patient and indulgent of ignorance when they’ve been rightfully terse: fuck …

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Jul 23 2013

Lessons from the first FtBCon trans panel

Our inaugural FtBCon transgender panel was fantastic in almost every way. 200 or more people saw it live, thousands more watched the recorded session on YouTube, our panelists had a great time, and many viewers had their questions answered at length. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Trinity, Autumn, Ellen and Amy for …

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Jul 20 2013

FtBCon trans panel of transness! Myths and Facts About Trans People

As part of Freethought Blogs’ online FtBCon conference this weekend, we’re hosting a live Google Hangouts discussion on “Myths and Facts About Trans People” this Sunday from 5 – 6 PM Central time. Our panelists include five trans women: Trinity Aodh of the Secular Woman advisory board, Autumn Nicole Bradley (Lydia Neon), Ellen Crouch, Amy …

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May 28 2013

A hearty welcome to Tauriq Moosa!

As FTB continues its unstoppable spread across the internet, we’ve now acquired a fantastic new member: Tauriq Moosa! I find his areas of focus very interesting… Tauriq Moosa writes on ethical matters in the news. He writes a regular blog at BigThink.com on so-called “taboo” issues, like incest, infanticide and cannibalism, examining whether evidence matches …

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May 03 2013

Welcome, Yemisi!

FTB welcomes an awesome new member today: Yemisi Ilesanmi of YEMMYnisting! Yemisi describes herself as follows: Yemisi Ilesanmi is a Nigerian woman, resident in UK. She holds a Masters of Law (LL.M) degree in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights. She is a trade unionist, human rights activist, an author, a poet and sometimes moonlights as …

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Feb 19 2013

A new addition: Eric MacDonald of Choice in Dying

FTB has the honor of welcoming Eric MacDonald of Choice in Dying as our newest member. Eric works to defend that most personal of end-of-life decisions: the decision to die. His story is heartbreaking and a must-read. Let’s all give him a warm welcome.

Dec 23 2012

Time to help one of our own

Ed Brayton, who founded Freethought Blogs and continues to run it with incomparable prowess, has just been through the rather terrifying ordeal of open heart surgery. He’s okay and on the road to recovery, but even with insurance, there are still plenty of out-of-pocket expenses to be paid. Ed is the reason FTB is here, …

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Dec 01 2012

FTB is growing again!

Today we welcome two awesome additions to the network: Miriam Mogilevsky at Brute Reason, who blogs about atheism, feminism, social justice, sexuality and much more, and Paul Fidalgo at Near-Earth Object, a CFI director and Friendly Atheist contributor. Let’s all give them a warm welcome!

Oct 24 2012

Guess who else is here?

None other than the one and only NonStampCollector! If you’ve somehow managed to miss his previous work, you should definitely check out his hilarious videos on YouTube. Let’s all give him a warm welcome!

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