Jun 01 2013

Live show tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern

I’m in the middle of a really fun and weird flux with some new hormones, so Heather and I are having a live show on justin.tv tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern time. To be part of the chat, justin.tv requires an account, so we recommend registering an account before joining. If you’d like to come talk with us, go to justin.tv/zinniajones tonight. We’ll see you then!


  1. 1

    how we won the $1,000,000 James Randi Paranormal Challenge


  2. 2
    Great American Satan

    Wow… No comments on your blog here since Dennis Markuze spam over two weeks ago. Sorry.

    1. 2.1
      Zinnia Jones

      I picked up a full-time job recently – don’t worry, I’ve got some updates planned :)

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