Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 28 2013

A hearty welcome to Tauriq Moosa!

As FTB continues its unstoppable spread across the internet, we’ve now acquired a fantastic new member: Tauriq Moosa! I find his areas of focus very interesting… Tauriq Moosa writes on ethical matters in the news. He writes a regular blog at BigThink.com on so-called “taboo” issues, like incest, infanticide and cannibalism, examining whether evidence matches …

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May 17 2013

Cis people: Help me get a sense of the landscape out there!

In a few months, I’ll be attending a secular conference to speak about trans-related issues. Since this subject is pretty general and wide-ranging in its scope, and most of the audience obviously won’t be trans, I was hoping I could enlist your help in figuring out exactly what people might be curious about when it …

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May 11 2013

Live show tonight at 10:30 PM

Heather and I will be hosting a live show on justin.tv tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern time. Justin.tv requires registration in order to chat, so we recommend registering an account before joining. If you’d like to come chat with us, just go to justin.tv/zinniajones tonight. See you there!

May 07 2013

We’ve claimed another one: Ally Fogg!

It looks like we’ve got another recent addition to the collective: Ally Fogg of Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men! For those unfamiliar with his work, Ally explains gender and social justice issues for people who are only willing to listen to a straight white guy. While the need for this is unfortunate, I suppose someone has …

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May 03 2013

Welcome, Yemisi!

FTB welcomes an awesome new member today: Yemisi Ilesanmi of YEMMYnisting! Yemisi describes herself as follows: Yemisi Ilesanmi is a Nigerian woman, resident in UK. She holds a Masters of Law (LL.M) degree in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights. She is a trade unionist, human rights activist, an author, a poet and sometimes moonlights as …

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