andysBad: Going to a trans woman’s blog full of trans stuff and stunning everyone with the epic revelation that she’s “male”.

Worse: Scare-quoting a trans woman’s name.

Funny: Scare-quoting a trans woman’s name when her real name is actually Lauren.


  1. says

    I always get a kick out of asshats like this who go to blogs and accuse bloggers of “bad journalism”. It reminds me of reading letters to the editor in newspapers where the writer complains about bias in opinion columns.

  2. says

    TW identifier so that everyone who equates me to a black plague knows who I am: Eucliwood. That’s me. The inferior Eucliwood Eu. Also… *cannot think of anymore name alternatives*

    Wow holy shit, and that looks like a comment on freethought blogs… random troll? Someone who comments here regularly? Didn’t this hurt you? I was expecting a more thorough blog post on how totally hurtful it was rather than just mocking it.

  3. Carlos Cabanita says

    I, who was born a long time ago in a dictatorship, read that comment and instantly pictured the greasy and morose policeman doing an interrogation, seating in a desk reading the thick file in a nasal voice: “So it says here in the file that you… – he lifts his eyes from the file and kind of spits the name through contorted lips, what can be read as scare quotes – Zinnia… have been conspiring against the state…”

  4. George Carpenter says

    May God have pity for you. if you didn’t know God made us all and we are all God children’s even a sad little man like you. I hope you can sleep at night.

  5. sugarfrosted says

    @10 If god made me, he is an evil POS who likes giving people horrible degenerate diseases. Die in a fire.

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