Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 05 2013

Tonight: Live show at 10:30 PM Eastern

Heather and I will be having a live BlogTV show tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern time. If you haven’t been to BlogTV before, it’s basically a live stream with a chatroom attached where people can talk to us. It tends to be great fun. If you’d like to stop by, just go to http://www.blogtv.com/people/ZJemptv at …

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Jan 03 2013

You made it happen!

Name change order. Lauren.

Last year, when I asked my readers for assistance with the legal and medical expenses associated with transitioning, you all came through for me with a generosity beyond anything I had expected. And today, I’m happy to say that thanks to your kindness and support, one major obstacle is finally out of the way. Six …

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Jan 01 2013

Trans stuff roundup

You’ve probably noticed that there’s one topic I’ve particularly focused on over the past year, so I’ve assembled a convenient index of my major posts on trans-related issues: Having a gender that’s (in)comprehensible Why you shouldn’t dress in drag to support trans people Revising the self: Adjusting to a new name Making the choice to …

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