Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 31 2012

2012: end-of-year review

2012 has been a pretty amazing year. Every year is interesting and full of stuff that happened, but this one was special in a lot of ways. Barack Obama was elected for the second time, we actually won in popular votes on marriage equality for the first time ever, and a bunch of people were …

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Dec 29 2012

Music of the day

iamamiwhoami – goods

Dec 28 2012

Well, don’t hold back or anything

Worst timeline ever.

“You will have the chance to prove that your soul truly belongs in hell.” – Lucifer, Constantine You can learn a lot about something by applying pressure to it. You get to see where its weakest points are, and where the first cracks form. You can find out what’s underneath it, what’s inside it all …

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Dec 26 2012

It’s okay now

I conferred with my family at length today about whether to come out to my grandpa. It wasn’t encouraging. They told me there was no way they saw this ending well. They told me it would cause a rift. They told me I was putting them in a difficult position. And yet everyone here told …

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Dec 23 2012

The last closet: Why I won’t be home for Christmas


“Just don’t tell grandpa.” It’s been my family’s constant refrain throughout the entirety of my out, public queerdom. It should be easy enough, right? We just… won’t tell him. But no matter how well you keep it, a secret won’t stay contained. It seeps from the black box where we tried to censor it out …

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Dec 23 2012

Time to help one of our own

Ed Brayton, who founded Freethought Blogs and continues to run it with incomparable prowess, has just been through the rather terrifying ordeal of open heart surgery. He’s okay and on the road to recovery, but even with insurance, there are still plenty of out-of-pocket expenses to be paid. Ed is the reason FTB is here, …

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Dec 22 2012

Come see us tonight

FTB’s own ZOMGitsCriss is hosting a fundraiser marathon for American Atheists on BlogTV today, and Heather and I will be on at 7 PM Eastern time. Please stop by and say hello!

Dec 21 2012

A clean break

Once again, here comes the Daily Mail with some guy’s unsolicited advice for trans people – because if there’s one thing we’re in need of, it’s people who aren’t trans telling us how to live our lives. This time around, Richard Littlejohn singles out a trans schoolteacher for daring to be trans while being a …

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Dec 18 2012

Gender: It’s only important when they say it is

“What if someone thinks they’re a cat?” “Suppose some guy wants to be a tree.” “What about people who think they’re actually dolphins?” “How is this any different from someone who believes they’re Napoleon?” Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you probably know what’s going on here. These are just some of the …

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Dec 16 2012

At least Westboro is intellectually honest

I have more respect for the Westboro Baptist Church – barely – than I do for disingenuous fools like Mike Huckabee and Bryan Fischer, who beat around the bush when it comes to school shootings because even they realize that the implications of what they’re saying are too repulsive to be stated openly. Consider Mike …

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