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Maggie Gallagher: “Sustaining civilization itself”

Maggie Gallagher on “Debating Same-Sex Marriage”:

I wish I had better news for you. It’s not everyone of course, but it’s many people trying to establish a new public norm that make the traditional, Biblical understanding of human reality the moral equivalent of racism.

Combining truth and love is not easy. But it is our job, no matter how difficult.

I hope you will read Debating Same-Sex Marriage and tell me what you think. (It’s a trade paperback, so just $11 on Amazon).

Share with me what you have learned—and what you need to know—about how to combine faithfulness to the truth with love, compassion and respect for human suffering.

We need each other for many reasons, but not least of all to prevent us from withering into the caricature that too many gay marriage advocates see. This is a great work, the work of sustaining civilization itself.


    • says

      I don’t think the “hypocrisy” accusation on anyone with a conservative social mindset like Gallagher’s will ever be of much use. A lot of social conservatives think hypocrisy is good, because it means you’re trying to enforce moral standards even though you yourself might not live up to them.

      I always figure this comes from a Christian “we’re all sinners, but let’s keep declaiming and punishing all the sins” mindset. I’m not sure though.

    • says

      And really, having children out of wedlock is A OK. I think it was actually ZJ in a “stop appropriating Jesus” video that made me realize several reasons why using morals and fantasies you (presumably?) don’t believe in, against people who supposedly do, means you’re giving a lot of ground in an argument before you even begin.

  1. says

    The “traditional, Biblical understanding of human reality” isn’t just racist. It’s also extremely misogynistic, ecologically irresponsible and anti-scientific.

  2. The Lorax says


    “My worldview is the correct one, and it is necessary for the survival of the human race because I say so. Also, buy my opinion. With money.”

  3. says

    Is “sustaining civilization itself” a euphemism for “Maggie is afraid the entire world will turn gay because hey, if she can’t stop thinking about lady bits, other women can’t either”?

  4. says

    I thought it was Newt Gingrich’s job to sustain civilization? Or was that define it? I don’t know, they agree with one another, so it doesn’t much matter.

    At least Maggie isn’t prone to hyperbole, or that might have sounded way out of proportion with any sober understanding of reality.

  5. Clifford Baines says

    I honestly thought that this Gallagher person was an atheist until I re-read very carefully. The penultimate sentence is the only one that identifies her as being on the other side of the titular debate. The work of sustaining civilization, indeed.

    I’m sure most folks here have seen this already, but it seemed pretty apropos:


  6. Buffy says

    It’s not everyone of course, but it’s many people trying to establish a new public norm that make the traditional, Biblical understanding of human reality the moral equivalent of racism

    Maggie is twisting things here, as usual. It’s not man-woman marriage that “many people” are claiming is the moral equivalent of racism. It’s the way Maggie and others like her demand special rights for man-woman couples by implementing bans on same-sex marriage. You know, the way they used to have special rights for white people by banning marriage for non-whites, then later for interracial couples.


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