A personal best-of

As promised, I’ve assembled an overview of my past work for any newcomers who want to familiarize themselves with my videos. This is only a small sampling of 350+ videos spanning four years, but I consider these to be the ones that best represent my body of work.

First, a roundup of countless misconceptions about atheism, helpfully provided by Ron Rosenbaum (text):

Next, an exploration of how the absence of evidence can sometimes serve as evidence of absence (text):

An explanation of why there’s usually no ethical imperative for transgender people to disclose their trans status to sexual partners (text):

Why cisgender is a valid and important term (text):

How the idea of “choice” in sexual orientation fails to disprove its general immutability (text):

Why efforts to “cure” homosexuality will likely prove futile (text):

Why objections to drawing Muhammad are faulty (text):

I later ate my drawing of Muhammad in protest of threats by radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki:

My response to a woman who was outraged about having to “tolerate” the “immorality” of gay people holding hands in a public park (text):

How Christian conservatives have cited the religious homophobia of Islamic extremists as a reason to restrict our own freedom (text):

Why we should boycott the anti-gay Salvation Army (text):

How trying to claim ownership of an idea of Jesus that supports our values only reinforces the supposed authority of Jesus (text):

How the Book of Job functions to explain away random misfortune in the world and attribute it to God (text):

How homophobes selectively redefine the alleged purposes of marriage in order to exclude gay couples (text):

Why concerns about being seen as “bigoted” are completely selfish and a roadblock to progress (text):

Why past injustices experienced by other minority groups aren’t cause for dismissing the importance of LGBT rights (text):

Why it isn’t okay to use “gay” as an insult (text):

Why treating gay people as abnormal is just an excuse for pathologization (text):

On the homophobes who insist that gay kids must be kept in the closet to protect them from homophobes (text):

Why gay kids shouldn’t have to keep their sexual orientation a secret any more than straight kids (text):

A Fox reporter compares the presence of gay characters on television to “product placement” (text):

On people who decide that food from an anti-gay fast food chain is more important than LGBT rights (text):

On the ridiculous expectations imposed upon minorities (text):

Why we should be “teaching gay marriage” in schools (text):

A poem for Rick Santorum (text):

My personal history with Wikileaks suspect Private Manning (text):

Finally, my interview with the Westboro Baptist Church at a protest:

Dig in!


  1. Besomyka says

    Awesome! Thanks for culling it a bit. I had gone to your youtube channel, but you have been so prolific that it was a bit overwhelming.

  2. postman says

    That’s a useless post. You should watch every single one of Zinnia’s video. Go now, stop wasting time!

  3. says

    My favorite is the trans disclosure video, one you brought up at the top of the list. I think you should do another on the subject.

    Shamelessly I’m evening going to offer incentive to do just that. The topic was actually brought up in one of the forums I frequent where I posted a link for the above video. A transphobic debater responded extensively to your video in addition to what the rest of us where throwing at him. If you ever have a slow rant day it would be a good subject to visit again. Here’s the link to their post arguing against your video:

    • says

      While I don’t usually make a habit of seeking out people on other forums who disagree with me just so I can refute them at length – let alone in a thread that’s actually titled “Traps, ok or not?” and appears to revolve around straight cis men’s penises – I’m impressed that this fellow would really rather spend hours defending his refusal to express his preferences than spend five seconds simply expressing those preferences up-front.

  4. Anna says

    Really glad to have the short “greatest hits” summary. Will be able to send a single link rather then searching for a bunch when someone says something stupid. You have been a good resource for me on a number of issues. Saves me typing out explanations and you say it better than I can usually :)

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