Monthly Archive: August 2010

Aug 25 2010

How dumb does Gary Glenn think we are?

As dumb as he is, apparently. Ruth Johnson, Republican candidate for Michigan secretary of state, recently tried to match her opponent Paul Scott prejudice-for-prejudice by declaring that she also doesn’t support allowing transgender citizens to have their gender officially changed on their driver’s license. Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan, who previously …

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Aug 17 2010

Comment of the day

Thanks, TheFaithofGod!

Aug 06 2010

Bryan Fischer’s failure of character

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s historic Prop 8 ruling, some social conservatives have been getting just a little heated. Like Bryan Fischer, the AFA blogger who thinks we should once again make it illegal to be gay. His solution to the Prop 8 ruling? Impeach the judge. And you’ll never guess why… Although almost no …

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Aug 04 2010

Death threat of the day

Oh yeah? Well, I backtraced it!

Aug 03 2010

What people are searching for

Aug 02 2010

Focusing on the most irrelevant thing possible

Hey, remember Cliff Kincaid? The guy who said Uganda’s proposed gay execution bill only includes death “for deliberately spreading AIDS and engaging in homosexual behavior that threatens children and society”, when the death sentence could actually apply to any gay person who’s had consensual sex more than once (“aggravated homosexuality”), and the majority of HIV …

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Aug 01 2010

Comment of the day

You talk to women like that?

Aug 01 2010

From the June trip

Taken from an overlook near St. Joseph, Michigan.