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Jul 11 2012

There must have been some macabre beliefs in Scotland 3000 years ago

Scottish peat bogs were known as natural mummifiers to local residents thousands of years ago. But one gravesite on a small island has turned up an even weirder practice right out of Mary Shelley’s classic novel:

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Dec 20 2011

Who is in charge of North Korea?

Concentration camps, starving populace, brutal authoritarian regime, and loose nukes; what could possibly go wrong with North Korea? (TimeMag) — As odd and erratic as the North Koreans might be, they are not about to inaugurate new leadership by raining nuclear destruction on their Asian-Pacific neighbors – and they probably couldn’t do so even if …

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Dec 19 2011

Breaking: North Korea’s Kim Jong II dead at 69

News that Kim Jong-il, the enigmatic leader of impoverished North Korea, died of a heart attack on Saturday has ripped through one of the last truly communist countries like a monsoon this morning. The late dictator was 69 years-old. Presidents, prime-ministers, and monarchs are watching intently to see what now becomes of the world’s most isolated …

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