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Nov 08 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan is leveling the Phillippines


Update: Reported via the NOAA, “the US’ National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had issued a bulletin saying that the storm’s intensity could no longer be tracked using the widely-used Dvorak storm intensity scale.” If it were to be rated, guesses are from strong cat 6 to cat 7. This is just the beginning of …

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Sep 20 2013

Look who’s asking for a Big Gubmint handout now

It turns out I’m not the only one asking for money this week. Remember Super Storm Sandy? Which wasn’t a super storm so much as a typical strength hurricane that happened to hit the densest population center in the US, including a bunch of well to do beach fronts. Back then, a number of conservative …

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Aug 28 2013

Time for a new Atlantic storm naming system: Hurricane Bachmann

Jan 02 2013

The amazing shameless agililty of Congressman Peter King

Arrgh! Ignore this folks, sloppy work on my part, Peter King did diss the GOP in the video above, but it was Steven King who lampooned Katrina relief, it’s my fault and apologies to both Kings.

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Nov 03 2012

Brutal video of Romney and storm damage

Listen to the knuckle draggers cheer and jeer the concept of climate change, to Mitt’s pious sneering look of utter contempt. Enjoy your just rewards, assholes.

Nov 03 2012

Did climate change cause Sandy?

Satellite image of Superstorm Sandy taken at 10 AM EDT Tuesday. Image NASA GSFC. Click for info at Climate Progress.

Did Sandy happen because of global climate change? Answer: It’s quite possible according to one of the world’s leading climate science experts, Dr. Michael Mann from Penn Sate University and author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines:

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Nov 01 2012

FTB reader/regular on what blood means to the Red Cross

Short at the beginning of the month? Bood donations to the Red Cross are your proxy for cash, they turn it into money to help victims of disasters like Sandy. And one FTB regular reminds us that blood means way more for some people: About a decade ago my young daughter came down with a …

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Nov 01 2012

I’m not sure what an act of God is, but this has to be close

^^Donate to storm vicitms, click here^^

I just donated part of my monthly FTB pay to the link above, you’re hereby invited to join in, add 0.01 to a whole dollar ammount if you want them to know it came through a blog. … So, after all the ugly lies about how some deadly event is somehow a God-ly harbinger of …

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Oct 31 2012

It’s a super storm!


Yes Virginia, this is exactly the kind of weird weather pattern that could be both a product of climate change, and a mere appetizer for what will come later this century. The flooding and winds were mostly moderate by disaster standards, but they were moderate over a huge region. Storm damage is a product not …

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Oct 29 2012

If Romney met Sandy


The outer bands of Hurricane Sandy (Latest NWS Hurricane Center info) are looming over the eastern seaboard. The storm is so large that it could hit in DC, flood parts of New York, and still knock thousands of trees in North Carolina. Conboys of emergency vehicles are lined up, FEMA is set to swoop in and help. …

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