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Jul 30 2014

Third Siberian mystery hole reported amidst record global heat

Please chip in to my Paypal account at Darksydothemoon-at-aol-com if you can. I might just make it thru July with your help afterall. Reports surfaced this week of a third mystery hole in Siberia. Suspician mounts that climate change may be playing a role:

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Jul 13 2014

The Internet can be bad

I have a friend who suffered a recluse bite a week or two ago. As those nasty bites go, it was a doozy. It got her good, inside the shin, down near her ankle. She saw the critter, there’s little doubt. It formed a blister that broke and oozed, it got bigger, after about ten …

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Jul 07 2014

A drone by any other name

This was captured by a radio controlled aircraft with an onboard camera over the Fourth of July weekend. A drone by any other name.

Jun 18 2014

Fun times

Well, I may have made a mistake in taking this new job that’s been keeping me from blogging. It’s not the work, the work is the fun part. Getting inside servers and figuring out what might be going wrong is kinda cool. Like a math problem or a puzzle, one that you’re being paid to …

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Jun 07 2014

Oh for those heady days, before the right went completely crazy


Seems like only yesterday … It’s amazing to witness the contortions, the descent into madness, and possibly alcoholism or dementia, going down over the POW release over there to the right among the craziest theocons and the slickest maniacs. The dishonesty is so, so well documented that it’s gone beyond nauseating and turned into hilarious. Below is …

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May 19 2014

Notepad++ install

So Notepad++ downloaded without a hitch, other than my super special gaming AV twigged a little until I let it through by name. Version is v6.6.3. I put the first screen that popped up below the fold for you veterans to look over. Looks like a routine recap of prior fixes. This is the one …

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May 19 2014

Need some dev/tech advice

It just hit me this weekend: I am going to survive. My new job pays a, barely, livable wage. And for all those firms who chose younger folks over me, I gloat! In the training for my new job, there were plenty of younger people. They were sharp, they caught on fast, some had experience …

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May 18 2014

I’m no longer lost in the forest

I should be able to get back to a more reasonable and predictable schedule in the next week or two. I’m telling you, it took real effort, no social life combined with the benefit of lots of hard math classes long ago, to be able hit the ground running and get up to speed when …

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May 10 2014

Every move you make, I’ll be watching you

After a few weeks of being a network guy … I’m super busy, it’s hard, so hard! But I’m picking it up and besides, after what I’ve learned I’m almost afraid to do anything online anymore. Why? Here’s a public known example

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Mar 30 2014

You know what really grinds my gears?

As someone who has had to occasionally beg readers for money, perhaps I should keep my mouth shut about charity requests and incessant email from politicians I’ve bent over backwards to support who, especially over the last few months, are bugging me for more and more and more money. I guess emails aren’t so bad, we …

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