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Aug 20 2013

Ted Cruz has a problem

Senator Ted Cruz, (R – sociopath) may be a shameful opportunist but he wants you to know he is proud naturalized American. The kind that was born in another country and therefore probably ineligible to be President. Which clearly means “both sides” do it:

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May 06 2013

You can never take our freeeeeeedom!

By now you’ve all seen the photo above. A catastrophe waiting to happen, one of many, caused once again by conservative oh-so very holier than thou pious policies. Here’s the other shoe dropping:

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Apr 20 2013

The wonders of fundamentalism + Rand Paul libertarianism in one simple image


  The middle school suffered severe fire damage. An apartment building adjacent the plant was completely leveled, killing about 15. See that tan circle off the northwest corner of the plant? That was a playground. A nursing home was within the blast radius and was completely leveled. You can see many more pictures of the …

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Apr 18 2013

Audio/video from West, Texas explosion

This is all unfolding about an hour and half north of me. There are at least three people I know who we haven’t heard from who live near the area. I have no reason to think they’re among the 5 to 15 reported dead or the 200 or more injured, but it’s definitely close to home. Meanwhile, …

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Apr 17 2013

Huge explosion rocks Texas town


  More terrible news for an already grieving nation. A huge explosion at a fertilizer plant has laid waste or caused structual damage to everything in some 20 to 30 square miles in the town of West, Texas (West is the town’s name, it does not refer directly to the region of Western Texas) located 19 …

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