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Sep 08 2012

Google cranks up the res on maps

Mecca, Saudi Arabia where each year more than 15 million Muslims visit this important religious site. Here you can see Abraj Al Bait, one of the world largest clock towers, visible even from space!

I was reading about Google’s new map resolution, and it struck me this would have been very interesting had it happened during the cold war:

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Sep 08 2012

Science marches and scuttles on!


Just in  case the world needs em, researchers are hard aty work perfecting the remotely controlled cockroach. Which will no doubt inherit the earth when Skynet blows everything up:

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Jul 05 2012

Seeing the future the way it is meant to be seen

Bionic contact lens

You walk down an ordinary drab aisle in a supermarket, but you see grocery items stand up and dance a jig, below them are prices, special offers, and nutrition profiles. In the corner of your eye a counter keeps track of the total bill for items already chosen, taxes included, and flashes red when it reaches a …

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Jul 02 2012

Energy from a can

You’ve heard of spray on solar cells, scientists at Rice University have developed paint on batteries: BBC — The new work, from Rice University in Texas, US, opens up completely new avenues for putting batteries on nearly any surface in a simple and robust way. Pulickel Ajayan and his colleagues chemically optimised the recipe for …

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May 23 2012

This will be very cool, if it works

May 17 2012

Senators to crack down on citizens fleeing US to avoid taxes

Most middle and upper middle class workers in the US pay about 30% in income taxes on their earned income. But CEOs and other wealthy investors pay only 15% on capital gains, mostly real estate and stock. It’s quite a scam. But one young facebook zillionaire won’t even be paying that when he becomes one of …

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May 15 2012

Diablo III is … Alive

Diablo III, the third Boston album of the video game world — to date myself and coin a phrase — is ALIVE (Cue dramatic chipmunk).

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May 07 2012

Rise of the planet of the digital apes


Not to blow my horn or anything, because there’s no way to verify it, but in those comfy days of yore when I had a higher paying and far more stressful job, I used to make of a variation of the material below part and parcel to my pitch for clients to buy tech stocks:

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Apr 20 2012

Whatever happened to Sw33tBabyJ4ne?

At the risk of sounding ancient, something is going on with kids today, and I don’t mean that to sound like a middle age snarl. In fact I think today’s kids are better than we were. By better, we’re talking quicker, more mature, less naive, better informed, more confident; smarter. So this poll on the most …

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Apr 17 2012

Crab computing


You read that right, we’re talking Arthropoda as processers here, none of those lame, squishy squidies PZ is obviously prejudiced for and certainly not some boring cloud. It turns out crab swarms are very useful in computer experiments, at least they are in this one:

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