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Nov 23 2013

Was he FOR rape before he was against it?

  Last day to beg until after the Big Feast, pleeeease chip in a few bucks so a certain hellbound atheist activist can get by. My PayPal email is DarkSydOtheMoon-at/aol.com. I wouldn’t ask if the situation wasn’t grim. Thanks for listening! The Teaparty playbook is simple: it’s the same ugly bullshit that has sustained authoritarian …

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Nov 12 2013

… And then they came for the doughnuts


Heavens-to-betsy, socialism knows no bounds. At least according to Rand Paul, who is either 1) up in arms over an egregious usurper government gone awry, or 2) wincing from Gov Cris Christie’s media blitz over the weekend:

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Nov 06 2013

All in all a bad night for the Teaparty


There is no joy in Teaville, mighty Cooch and the gang have struck out. It was a bad night all around for the Teaparty. A good night for Chris Christie who unofficially-officially launched his bid for the WH last night, and a decent night for progressives by default. Best of all it fans the Republican …

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Nov 05 2013

Father Cruz is a creationist, too

This just gets better. Pastor Rafael Cruz, who anointed his son Ted Cruz as one of those lucky duckies favored by God-eh to rule over us peons from a luxurious castle, also doesn’t think much of evolutionary biology:

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Oct 31 2013

How many people think zombies could run the country better?

Happy Halloween FTB readers! Here’s a scary poll from ‘lo these many days ago: people prefer zombies over Congress.

Oct 24 2013

Reports of Teaparty death may be premature

There’s hopeful speculation all over the blogosphere that the Teaparty is done for. I hope so too and given that polls are not looking good for them lately there’s reason to think that. But let’s not limit ourselves to wishful thinking, let’s instead include rational analysis and testable predictions. There are two primary factors driving …

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Sep 24 2013

Ted Cruz, conman, but on whose side?

Last day for my fundraising, and I’ve reached my goal so no pressure, but speaking of fundraising … damn near everything Teaparty Republicans do these days is a scam. Not surprising, the whole movement is a scam, created to appear as a grassroots uprising demanding lower taxes and less regulation on conservative billionaires. So Ted …

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Sep 24 2013

Join the Cruz bashing

I’ll be out for most of the day for various errands and doc appointments, all of which I’m able to do thanks to several dozen of you who kicked in to help. I’m pretty much where I needed to get to, but a few more bucks would help more if anyone is so inclined. Until …

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Sep 23 2013

McConnell and Reid shiv Ted Cruz

The more I see of Ted Cruz, the more I see a truly foul human being, the worst of the DC Teaparty posers, happy to wreck the nation for fun and personal profit. A man who pretends to be of the people and rags Obama as an elitist for attending Harvard, the same school Cruz …

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Sep 10 2013

Putin may have just punked the Teaparty


Update 2: Syria just announced they will sign the agreement and join the chemical weapons ban treaty. It’s all over but the details now folks. Call it eleventy-billion dimensional chess or dumb luck, but Obama just scored the biggest foreign policy victory since Geronimo was shot in the head by acting tough while Teaparty Republicans …

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