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Jul 03 2013

HIV patients appear cured after receiving marrow transplant


Two men with HIV are now free of the virus after a bone marrow transplant to treat lymphoma. But how that happened is a mystery for now.

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Jun 21 2013

Stem cells march on

Regenerative medicine is coming and when it does it could transform medical care more dramatically than the development of antibiotics to treat infections and blood transfusions to save trauma patients combined. Here’s how it might work:

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May 15 2013

Send in the clones!

If the usual suspects whine about embryonic stem cell research, it stands to reason they’ll be opposed to anything involving cloning, even if it’s just a future patient’s own gene inserted into an embryonic stem cell. But for the rest of us this looks like a promising breakthrough:

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Feb 05 2013

FAX the stem cells please

I’m not sure how this works or what fundamentalists will make of it. OK, on second part we know what they’ll think, they won’t like it. But apparently a group of researchers have used Three D printing technology to fashion a human embryonic stem cell, or literally a facsimile thereof:

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Feb 17 2012

Researchers report embryonic stem cells reversed blindness

Imagine how restoring sight to the blind using embryonic stem cells would put the inane debate over contraception and personhood into stark perspective. That’s exactly what could happen given a report from embryonic stem cells┬áresearchers:

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Nov 08 2011

Stem cells we can ALL agree on


The culture wars rage around embryonic stem cells vs. adult stem cells, there are pluripotent and totipotent cells, there are even cancer stem cells. But here’s a new stem cell technology we can all agree on: steak and burger stems cells! No, it’s not a joke, it’s real. At least that’s what a Dutch researcher …

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