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Dec 20 2012

Showboat Saturn does more showboating

Oh Saturn, you are such a showboat. This is the second glorious image Cassini has snapped of the solar system’s celebrity planet backlit by the distant sun. Which do you like best? More below ..

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Oct 17 2012

Fascinating ideas on the history of Titan and Saturn


Look at Jupiter and you see a mini solar system right down to quasi-analogues of the planets, even a hint of scattered disk and Kuiper Belt objects. But look at Saturn and you see one large Jovian like moon, a hell of a lot of beat to shit frozen moonlets, and billions of icy shards.  The systems …

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Jul 29 2012

Iapetus is a weird, weird place


  Iapetus, ice moon of beautiful Saturn, the two-faced moon. It is gleaming white, bumpy and tradionally cratered in some places, ridged across most of the equator with a Death Star like giant circle on one side, and bruised black and blue, literally misshapen, across an entire hemisphere from what was no doubt an ancient wound of titanic …

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Apr 24 2012

Saturn’s F-ring and the making of UFO propaganda

Saturn's F-ring, isolated and enhanced for clarity courtesy of NASA/JPL/Cassini. Click image to re-rebigulate

It’s not often we get a fortuitous example of how the UFO-conspiracy crowd manufactures their BS. … OK, maybe it happens all the time! But an absolutely must see time elapsed video put together by the Cassini-Equinox team provides just such an opportunity. Below is that same video together with some background, culminating in the UFO nonsense.

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