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Jul 09 2012

Pakistan denounces Nobel Laureate over religious beliefs


Chalk one up for religious intolerance. Pakistan’s only Nobel Prize winner, Abdus Salam, who pioneered theoretical work leading to the God-damn particle, worships the wrong God, or the wrong prophet, or something. So Pakistan’s government, being the nuclear armed medieval embarrassment they are, has stricken his name from textbooks.

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Jul 04 2012

Why is it called the God particle?


You’re going to hear it a lot now: The God Particle has been found. That’s deliciously close to saying God has been found and you better believe some people are going to run with that. I suppose, technically, they’re all God particles, if you believe in a prime mover anyway. But why this one? Why …

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Jul 04 2012

They seem to have found some kind of godd*mn particle!

10:40 am Sean Carroll: Personal editorializing by me: we’ve found the Higgs, or at least a Higgs. Still can’t be sure that it’s just the vanilla Standard Model Higgs. The discrepancies aren’t quite strong enough to be sure that they really represent beyond-Standard-Model physics… but it’s a strong possibility. … Peter Higgs is visibly moved. …

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Jul 02 2012

The godd*mn particle

Prof. Sean Carroll will be live blogging the “Higgses announcement,” expected early July 4th, US time.  But the news is likely to be … a little more certainty that the elusive mass lending weirdo particle exists and lives at 125 GeV. Whether the findings will go beyond that is unclear. But it’s still a BFD, because the Higgs …

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