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Jan 25 2013

Live long and smell good


A company that makes mens’ colognes and body sprays is offering 22 lucky customers a chance to earn their astronaut wings:

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Jan 11 2013

The inflatable space module coming of age


Spacecraft are cramped. But a new hab under development by a NASA subcontractor may change that. The company is building inflatable modules useful for man or machine that would allow astronauts room to stretch their legs. Make it big enough and a person could fly through it like a dream:

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Dec 05 2012

Golden Spike to announce flights to lunar surface (Updated)


A company called Golden Spike may confirm swirling rumors that it intends to land humans on the surface of the moon by the year 2020. It may sound like pie-in-the-sky, but this is no fly-by-night outfit. Reports are the company is staffed by some of the most accomplished engineers and mission planners to ever turn dreams into …

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Oct 08 2012

SpaceX engine fails catastrophically, but it still makes LEO

Yet again the engineers at SpaceX amaze me. It’s hard enough to accelerate tons of payload to several miles a second through a soupy fluid and then coast gracefully in blistering and frigid vacuum. They lost an engine on the way up, at about the worst time as far as aerodynamics stresses. Most other rocket …

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Aug 03 2012

Newspace shoots, & scores!

Dream Chaser, a shuttle replacement vehicle under development by Sierra Nevada Corporation (NYSE ticker symbol SNC)

NASA announced today it would dole out a billion dollars to three newspace firms in an effort to accelerate development of a man-rated spacecraft.  And without further adieu ado, the winners are:

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Jul 17 2012

NASA engineers on the outs, Newspace could help

Former NASA employees in my former neighborhood are finding out what the rest of us knew for years: the Spacecoast job market sucks even in good times, now it’s virtually un-inhabitable. I feel bad for them, not all of them voted for the economic policies that rewarded repackaging and reselling shady derivatives over actually making …

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Jul 16 2012

Planetary resources to team up with Virigin Galactic

An advanced orbital fuel and repair depot that could one day be supplied by Planetary Resources

The skyminers and the air mogul: Richard Branson’s fledgling space adventure enterprise will offer rides into space for Planetary Resources’ telescopes:

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Jun 13 2012

Orbital Sciences cleared to air launch new observatory


SpaceX cleaned up on public relations last month with the successful launch of their Falcon 9 booster and Dragon spacecraft. But if everything goes right, another new space firm, Orbital Sciences, will be launching a Pegasus rocket from its signature flying launch pad today or morrow. On board, NASA’s NuStar high energy observatory:

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May 31 2012

Dragon splashdown

SpaceX Dragon capsule splashes to a safe landing in the Pacific

May 27 2012

A word on newspace vs. old


    The SpaceX-Dragon launch drew the nation’s eyes’ the newspace vs traditional aerospace over the weekend. That’s mostly good news in my view, but I saw some misconceptions being bandied around by talking heads and bloggers. Some people are skeptical of corporations, which is not only understandable in my view but essential to reality in ths day …

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