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Apr 22 2014

The end is nigh … again

I’m in the wrong line of work and, sadly, have a conscience thanks to my lousy parents giving me an inherent shame in lying and hyping. I’m not sure if anyone takes Pat Robertson seriously, but my fear is a lot of people do. And he clearly operates with no such moral restrictions:

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Jan 03 2014

NASA waiting on Da House to act

Suppose every time a civilian or pure research plane lifted off there was an obscure law, originally passed with good intentions, that had to be regularly re-authed by Congress or no more flights. And let’s just say that Congress became hyper-polarized, a do nothing body, where even the simplest, once uncontroversial acts morphed into a …

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Oct 26 2013

Things are definitely turning up, anyone live in DC?

I have a … well it’s not really a job interview so much as a private brainstorming session on Space Exploration with some trade associations and manufacturers next month in Washington, DC. But there could be a consulting role in it for me and even if there’s not, it’s an issue near and dear to …

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Aug 27 2013

To SNATCH an asteroid

  NASA released details on how it might grab an asteroid and bring it in orbit about the moon for more leisurely inspection. Here’s the scenario as it stands:

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May 13 2013

A delightful Oddity from Space

Recorded on the ISS … And I thought Tebowie was good?

May 12 2013

Would someone please think of the whiskey?


  Space has a lot of resources, technically it has all the resources. Some of them are obvious, some serendipitous. Aside from the mountains of platinum group metals or nickel-iron and oxygen floating around free for the taking, in addition to the nearly inexhaustible energy sources, micro-gravity is a new and to date poorly utilized …

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Apr 11 2013

Hawking is too generous

Giga-brain Stephen Hawking gives the species a millennia to get our shit together and get off the planet, presumably with heavy industry to avoid Easter-islanding the entire planet and all of us. I’ll go with the Elysium trailer above as far as predicting the time and look of the looming disaster:

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Mar 01 2013

Science Friday: Teachers stand & be counted … 3 … 2 … 1!

I remember the exact day when my teachers underwent a magical transformation. Christmas 1968, most of my family was dozing in the wee hours as we sped along a lonely Texas highway to a distant holiday rendezvous. My tiny body was easily stretched out on the rear console of a Ford sedan, gazing through an …

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Feb 27 2013

Mars Fly-by video

Feb 27 2013

Mars flyby conference streaming live at 12 Noon central time — Now

From the press kit, an artists'c conception of the fly-by vehicle.

Link is here, not sure if you can see it without  registering press creds, I hope to have video and transcripts shortly. … There are candid details about the inherent risks, challanges, and mission architectures. But my favorite speaker so far has been Dennis Tito, the driving force behind this team. An example, paraphrasing to the …

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