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Nov 13 2013

Cassini delivers again: Saturn


Yes, life is stressful, details here. But on the way cool side, last summer, Cassini missions specialist had the spacecraft behind Saturn and took a mosaic of images they have now assembled into a masterpiece. It’s among the best astronomy images ever produced, and its incredibly detailed. Saturn porn and more below!

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Oct 31 2013

Hell on & off Earth


Venus may be the hottest terrestrial world in our solar system, super-volcanic Io might most resemble Dante’s Inferno, but we have a new candidate for most hellish earth-like world and it’s not even a close call:

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Oct 25 2013

New Titan porn


Oct 19 2013

New Cassini-Saturn porn


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Oct 18 2013

Comet ISON hangs tough


Comet ISON is hanging tough for its close encounter with the sun next month. Speaking of comets, evidence for another possible impact has been detected right on the precipice of a major climate change 55 million years ago.

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Oct 10 2013

Comet set Egypt alight millions of years ago

The mind reels when speculating how creationists and other Old Testament literalists might spin this one. For the rest of us, it’s just fascinating scientific detective work: geo-astronomers have confirmed a healthy sized comet lit Egypt on fire millions of years ago. If they’re right it would have made the 1908 Tungaska Event look like …

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Oct 05 2013

Comet ISON may be toast early on

  Call it premature disintegration? A cometary astronomer has identified signs in the spectra of Comet ISON that are consistent with a poorly understood process of rapid disintegration. A new webpage has been established here to track this dramatic event should it unfold. We’ll know in the next few weeks:

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Sep 05 2013

Nearby super earth may be water rich

Nearby is relative, this world is more than 40 light-years away. Thousands of times farther from us than Pluto is from our sun. But exo-astronomers have narrowed down the likelihood that a planet two and-a-half times more massive than earth may have a water rich atmosphere and possibly vast oceans on its surface:

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Aug 27 2013

To SNATCH an asteroid

  NASA released details on how it might grab an asteroid and bring it in orbit about the moon for more leisurely inspection. Here’s the scenario as it stands:

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Jul 20 2013

Say “Cheese” to Cassini


“From its perch in the Saturn system, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took pictures of Earth from nearly 900 million miles (nearly 1.5 billion kilometers) today. To celebrate the first time the public has had advance notice that Earth’s portrait was being taken from interplanetary distances, scientists and engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other Earthlings …

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