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Jun 19 2013

Glenn Beck: This is the End

Glenn Beck not only said the end times are nigh, he let slip the secret code sign notifying the faithful that the end times are nigh. Video and full quote at Rightwing Watch linked below.

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Sep 29 2012

Mormons to fast and pray for Mitt’s debate next week

If this is The Plan, we may be OK. Because nothing fails quite like not-so-ancient magic rituals:

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Sep 10 2012

Probably not a Mormon takeover … BUT

Reader Dobby linked an interesting article published a couple of months ago, and it got me thinking about something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The piece covers Mormon business practices. What’s been turning around in my tiny brain: given the popularity of conspiracy and end day stories on the delusional right, and their deep religious …

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Aug 19 2012

Ryan-Romney forced to respond to ‘Legit Rape’ comments

Rep. Akin’s stupid remarks about legitimate rape versus whatever the hell he thinks another kind might be has raged through the media and will be front and center tomorrow. Naturally, Ryan-Romney distanced themselves, with bold and forceful timidity, saying they don’t agree with Akin:

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Jun 30 2012

Former Mormons declare independence from LDS church

Dozens of Mormons from three states gathered in a Salt Lake City park to declare independence from the LDS church. Key to their discontent was the intolerance and social conservatism pushed onto Mormon members by the old guard and traditional doctrine.

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Apr 27 2012

Christian conservative group up in arms over purportedly gay Romney spokesman


Well, well, well, look who’s shocked to discover Mitt Romney making a play for unapproved voters. An email arrived in my inbox from a religo-political group with lots of alarming exclamation points! And breathless urgency! An excerpt:

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Apr 02 2012

Paul supporter corners Romney on Mormon question

A Ron Paul supporter put Mittens in the hot seat on a religious question pertaining to an obscure treatise/add on to the Book of Mormon. Unsurprisingly, Romney punted, avoiding the issue by claiming — somewhat laughably considering he’s running for Pastor in Chief of the Fundamentalist Party — that he wasn’t going to have a discussion on religion:

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