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Sep 10 2012

Wet Mars may have supported life? Not so fast says scientist


While many planetary geologists think Mars would have been warm, wet ideal environment for primitive life, not every agrees. And they have some science of their own to back it up:

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Aug 29 2012

Incredible Curiosity descent video

Souped up frame rate thanks to interpolation! Yay math!

Aug 28 2012

Curiosity has a really good set of cams on her

Click pic for large image, 946 X 710, at NASA/JPL homepage

Mars Curiosity is like a super hero probe compared to her less endowed peers and this week she began proving it. While I’m not planetary geologist, that looks like the spittin image of marine strata exposed by some kind of erosion:

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Aug 18 2012

Did I mention Curiosity has a laser?

And not just any old wimpy office presentation pointer laser, either. No, Cursiotiy’s ChemCam system includes ba serious, rock vaporaizing weapons grade zap gun intended to examine samples at the molevular level. Or fend off tentacled monsters with a thirst for human blood:

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Aug 17 2012

Curiosity has a secret

Hint: the wheels have 'randomly' placed teeth ...

Mars Curiosity is quite a machine, a lander, rover, mobile chemical laboratory and robot geologist. But its designers were human, so hidden in the wheels is a geeky tech-y joke. What is it?

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Aug 14 2012

The end of cursioity


Don’t worry, Mars Curiosity the rover is alive and well and on the verge of beginning the mission it was so ably designed to do! There’s every reason to expect Curiosity will perform brilliantly, and that’s good, because there’s nothing much slated for Mars after it. When Curiosity finally seizes up, likely frozen in place, starved for …

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Aug 13 2012

Mars rocks and rolls


There’s a bit of a lively debate in geology about tectonic plates and how rare or common they may be. Since earth is the only planet we’ve studied in-depth, the winners of that debate are yet to be announced. But one geophysicist has found evidence for nascent plate tectonics on a certain nearby world, and the …

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Aug 10 2012

Curiosity EDL in pics, rover begins its mission


Curiosity is revving up her primary cameras and testing the treads. Soon she’ll trundle off the landing site and start prospecting for Martian gold. I’ve collected a few of the best EDL pics below.

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Aug 07 2012

NASA releases video of Curiosity’s descent

To those of you already saturated, I’m sorry for posting so much on this. But I’ve been waiting for it for years, and NASA/JPL is really delivering the goods. There’s a hi-res version of this in the works that chief scientist Mike Malin claims “will just be exquisite.”

Aug 06 2012

Awesome pic of Curiosity descending


Lovely picture taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter as Curiosity was descending to Gale Crater. Click image for info at Red Orbit.

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