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Jun 20 2013

Ancient Mars may have had an oxygen rich atmosphere


New analysis of Martian rocks has one researcher saying long ago, Mars had significant quantities of free oxygen in the atmosphere.

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Jun 11 2013

Mars has its own hovercraft?


How did these amazing gullies on the Red Planet form? Go below the fold for the intriguing answer:

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Sep 13 2012

Curiosity to begin search for Martians

The penny in this image is part of a camera calibration target on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on Mars September 9, 2012. Credit AFP Photo/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems

After a nail-biting entry and descent followed by firing off a few breathtaking images inside Gale Crater, Curiosity is about to begin the mission it was designed so well for. Prospecting for ancient biotic gold:

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Aug 18 2012

Did I mention Curiosity has a laser?

And not just any old wimpy office presentation pointer laser, either. No, Cursiotiy’s ChemCam system includes ba serious, rock vaporaizing weapons grade zap gun intended to examine samples at the molevular level. Or fend off tentacled monsters with a thirst for human blood:

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Aug 13 2012

Mars rocks and rolls


There’s a bit of a lively debate in geology about tectonic plates and how rare or common they may be. Since earth is the only planet we’ve studied in-depth, the winners of that debate are yet to be announced. But one geophysicist has found evidence for nascent plate tectonics on a certain nearby world, and the …

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