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Jun 13 2014

The spice must flow

Watching Grumpy Grandpa McCain this morning making the rounds, trying to explain how we won the war in Iraq, but somehow failed in Iraq at the same time and now have to go back in and, what, re-win it? Well, it was interesting to watch him try and navigate through that tortured reasoning, even a little …

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Aug 13 2012

Here comes the power of the sun


  The power of the sun, 4 trillion terawatts of pure, clean energy baby! That’s been the dream ever since the secret of the sun’s power was first gleaned by nuclear physicists almost a century ago. Fusion has been a long time coming, but we may finally be getting close:

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Jul 05 2012

Report concludes Fukushima nuclear meltdown was avoidable

There’s a reason we have regulations in place for various industries: accidents can kill huge numbers of people. But as a new report on the Fukushima nuclear crisis underscores, those regs only work when they are well written and well enforced:

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