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Apr 13 2014

Florida GOP finds new way to screw over voters

If rejecting the federal Medicaid expansion for people living in poverty was ‘awesome in evilness,’ this new scheme by Florida Republicans to deprive middle-class and poor voters their constitutionally mandated rights in the state’s largest population center is social sociopathy:   Think Progress — During the 2012 presidential election, voters reportedly waited on line for upwards …

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Dec 08 2013

Sunday school for atheists

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. I posted Friday that I’m fighting CIGNA for two and a half months of Short Term Disability pay they owe …

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Nov 27 2013

Supreme Court to decide on corporate personhood

You’ve probably read by now the US Supreme Court will hear a case with far reaching consequences for the power of a religious few over the diverse many. The case that will be soon be before the nation’s highest court pits a narrow sect of fundamentalist beliefs about birth control against the health and well …

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Nov 26 2013

Face meets palm: Teaparty Thanksgiving email

  Below is the obligatory, paranoid chain letter I got from a buddy, painting a dark picture of Thanksgiving a few years from now. It’s dripping with the kind of Big Brother sentiment that we all know scatters like dry leaves in the wind as soon as a conservative gets in the wheelhouse. Here’s a …

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Nov 23 2013

Was he FOR rape before he was against it?

  Last day to beg until after the Big Feast, pleeeease chip in a few bucks so a certain hellbound atheist activist can get by. My PayPal email is DarkSydOtheMoon-at/aol.com. I wouldn’t ask if the situation wasn’t grim. Thanks for listening! The Teaparty playbook is simple: it’s the same ugly bullshit that has sustained authoritarian …

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Nov 22 2013

Kennedy wanted for TREASON!


Please keep me in mind this holiday weekend if you have some spare cash in your paypal account, and thanks! Without you this blog and my health would both suffer. Below is a timely post Ed Brayton just put on Facebook. It looks awfully familiar …

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Nov 16 2013

The end times are nigh and the Jews will sell us out

Guys, gals, I’m closing in on the halfway mark of what is needed on this year’s holiday bleg, many thanks tor those who already. pitched in I’d say I’ll say a prayer for you, but … you know. My Paypal email address is DarkSydOtheMoon-at-aol-dot/com. I’ll have a snail mail address in a few days too …

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Nov 15 2013

Christian “dating coach” advises women to STFU

Leave it to Texas. Here in the Lone Star State we have a heartless Governor and a ton of willing acolytes spewing religious nonsense to justify their greed and the casualties of the Class War. But there’s, so much more! You have to wonder if Christian Mingle is going to snatch this guy up … …

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Oct 23 2013

If the flaming cross fits …


This flaming cross and text distributed in an email by Florida Rep Alan Grayson has the entire Teaparty and a few centrist dems all up in arms. Because, as we all know, there is no racist element in the Teaparty and there never has been. So ignore your lying eyes:

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Oct 12 2013

Bill Maher rips into Scalia’s Satanic delusions

Maher: But somehow, the lack of Beelzebub sightings positively mystifies the leading legal mind in conservative America. Scalia says: “In the Gospels, the Devil is doing all sorts of things. He’s making pigs run off cliffs, he’s possessing people and whatnot. And that doesn’t happen very much anymore …” (audience laughter) Does anyone have any …

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