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Nov 07 2013

Pat Robertson criticized for rejecting a Young Earth

Wut-woh. Pat Robertson apparently mentioned the Earth might be older than 6,000 years, the date determined by adding up all the begats in the Old Testament. That observation produced the expected counter attack on Robertson:

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Jul 22 2013

Big Tex and T-rex didn’t ride the range together


Click image, sign petition. That is all … Or, now that Google is funding anti-science politicians, take the Google Challenge below!

Dec 11 2012

Famed Titanic ship wreck hunter looking for Noah’s Ark


I truly hope this is a case of confused reporting or intentional sensationalism to drive page views. ABC has an interview with Robert Ballard and PoPo links it saying he’s looking for … Noah’s Ark:

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Nov 20 2012

Hey Marco, how old is the earth?

Marco Rubio has a problem and it’s not that he can’t look up the age of the earth on the Internet or ask a geologist. Rubio’s problem is also Christie’s problem and Jindal’s problem:  he’s not allowed to say what the answer is because he’s in a party beholden to knuckle-dragging fundamentalists from the 18th century:

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Oct 06 2012

Evolution, the Big Bang — LIES from the Pit of Hell!

It probably wouldn’t shock anyone if you heard that some wingnut dufus said that in public. What’s becoming even more disturbingly acceptable is this particular dufus sits on the House Science Committee. Ethan Seigal does the honors:

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Sep 19 2012

Help! Let the creationist fisking begin!

I’m not sure why a magazine dedicated to business would delve into the evolution issue. Nor how exactly this writer was taken in by the frauds at the Discovery Institute. But it reads like a press release straight off of Stephen Meyer’s private printing press, let the fisking begin:

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Sep 15 2012

Creationists swarm Dr Pepper ad


Hell hath no fury like anti-science numbskulls. Dr Pepper had the audacity to put up an image riffing on the famous ape to man chart that adorned our biology classrooms back in the 60s and 70s, and they were quickly swarmed by know-nothing-bots. But then our side, the good guys, counter attacked! Now the battle …

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Aug 31 2012

Good try, Science Guy

Here’s on the biggest problems with youTube in the view of many. Bill Nye the Science Guy posted a video that read in part:

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Aug 28 2012

Because the world needs another creationist museum

There are times I’m proud of my species, there are times I’m certain we are doomed. This is neither of those, but it’s a depressing reminder that ancient fables still have an unhealthy grip on our primate psyches:

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Aug 17 2012

Hey Kentuckians, are those students a’lern’n evolushun?

I was born in Lexington, but moved to Austin decades ago as a kid with the first wave of IBM immigrants traveling from blue grass to lone stars. Austin’s great, but Kentucky to Texas is not exactly a political improvement for a budding rational atheist. Because sadly, in many ways they’re the same, including creationism:

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