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Sep 09 2013

Three whackaloons walk into a coup


Years ago at the dawn of the blogging era there was a site run by a right-wing evangelical named Joe Carter. The man ran a fun site, in part because he was more than willing to let people like me post harsh criticism in comments about Iraq or creationism. One thing that always stuck in …

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Sep 03 2013

The roots of Syrian discontent


Syria is certainly a complicated region, one where many factors have come together to produce the first-class genocidal mess now in progress. But one of those factors illustrated above might surprise you, and if it’s accurate, it should even worry you:

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Sep 12 2012

Embassy attack

Update 11 AM Central: Mitt’s cynical ploy is starting to blow up in his smirking over-privileged face. Romney was already a touch behind in most polls, in retrospect this may turn out to be the day that sealed his electoral fate. Most people around the world and especially at home are deeply saddened and shocked to hear …

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Jul 16 2012

Syria could go anytime now

It could happen today, or Assad might delay this push and buy another month or three. But the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia and swept through Egypt and Libya is now on the doorstep of the Syrian capital (Building raw link base below). There are conflicting reports, some saying the final battle for Damascus may …

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Jun 24 2012

Egypt announces new government amid massive street protests


Update 9:30 AM: Winner of the Presidential election is  Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi. The crowd is going wild, they seem to be in favor of this choice. Tahir Square in Egypt has been filled to the brim the past few days as protestors wait to hear what people and which parties won their first democratic election …

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Jun 19 2012

Hosni Mubarek is still not quite dead

A murdering thug is on his deathbed and conflicting reports have emerged on whether he’s dead or alive. Either way, the world can rejoice:

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Jun 03 2012

Assad blames monsters for Houla massacre

Syrian President Bashar Assad claims his government had nothing to do with the bloody massacre of men, women, and children in a town named Houla last week and that not even monsters would so such a thing. He went on to insist the Syrian government, i.e., the Assad crime family, is only interested in peace:

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