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Apr 18 2014

Every Friday is a good Friday

Reprinted from last year. Enjoy — DS Ahh sweet Friday, prince of days, harbinger of the precious weekend. But this Friday is better than most, it’s Good Friday, AKA Black Friday, Holy Friday, Easter Friday, and my favorite, Great Friday. But what makes this Friday so Great?

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Apr 18 2014

Your obligatary Easter bunny for skeptics


  This little guy was supposedly born at a zoo in N. Korea and a member of a rare and endangered species, the so-called Fennec Hare. He’s adorable. But alas, he’s also a known fake making the rounds anew this Easter. Probably a kitten with photo shopped ears. Beware.

Mar 31 2013

Rejoice ye Lagomorphs, your day of atonement has arrived!


As the waning gibbous moons races toward the western horizon and dawns break east, a brief period of mass hysteria will grip Christendom the world over tomorrow, in fact it has already begun. Zombie resurrection may be the center of ancient ceremony, but here in the hallowed chambers of Godless HQ, we know what’s really important: family, food, …

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