OK you hardcore webpage divas & start up devs, how can we get rich?

So, I think I have a job and I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who have helped keep me afloat through 2013, which I hope will soon be the toughest year of my adult life fading in the rearview mirror. This particular job is a network support role and involves large agencies. It requires an extensive background check, now ongoing. If I pass that and it doesn’t fall through, the start date will be April 28th. It shouldn’t interfere with blogging and I’ll be able to get back into a regular habit without feeling like I’m wasting time doing something fun; writing and bitching about anything and everything here on FTB and elsewhere.

I know some of you have suggested consulting or being self employed in some way. I’m interested in knowing more about that. For example, there’s a lot of these companies popping up that set up web stores for small and medium sized businesses, like Web.com or Host Gator. Some offer design and support for the web pages, others hosting, still others will sync up social media, provide SEO services (SEO does sound a bit saturated, but I really don’t know enough about the state of that art to say for sure) and run email lists, a few try to do all these things.

What got me interested? Earlier this year an old friend who runs a landscaping biz offered me a few bucks to set up their store/page on one of those start up webpage company’s template. This particular web store developer was just a small group of people, three or four kids a few years out of college, in one medium town outside of Austin serving that local market and they’re so busy they can’t keep up. It took some fiddling around with their templates and features, but it really wasn’t too hard, just so time consuming that I can see why most small business owners couldn’t hope to fuck with it on their own. More of that might be a possibility, better yet our own system might be an idea worth talking about, as my guess is that market is far from done. Naturally, I have no capital, but it may not take much or any to get going. FWIW I can now puzzle out basic CSS, handle some elementary Java script — or more accurately I know where to go to find things out – and of course code html by hand on existing templates.

But the one thing I can offer is lots of free exposure and some serious phone and sales skills follow up. If you have been thinking about or fooling around with a web based idea in your spare time, or service or product or program that people want or need, and it’s something I can help with, getting some initial eyeballs on it might be a real possibility on my end. If someone has any suggestions about how we might use the exposure I can generate to gain a toehold in developing web stores, has experience setting up billing systems and where to host, or is looking for a partner for any kind of online consulting or design gigs where eyeballs and my other modest skills might have value, let’s talk about it.

I’ve been through a few recessions and it seems to me the time is ripe for the picking, in fact this may be the best timing I’ve ever seen in all my life. Every single small mom and pop business that survived or is emerging anew pretty much has to have a working, reliable web page and managing system for it these days, no matter what that business is, and the economy really is picking up now. Plus being poor has grown quite tiresome. You’re welcome to email me at D-a-r-k-s-y-d-o-t-h-e-m-o-o-n –at– AOL if you have something in mind or want to point me in the right direction.