Political divide on evolution grows

The political divide on evolution has grown over the last few years. Which, given the increasingly hard right turn of the GOP, where thigns like science or expertise are now held in contempt except when they pledge complete fealty to the party line, should not be a surprise:

USA Today — Do you “believe” in evolution? A new survey reveals that your answer can be predicted in large part by your political loyalties. The Pew Research Center finds that two-thirds of Democrats accept the validity of evolution, in contrast with the 43% of Republicans. The latter figure, remarkably, has shrunk by 11 percentage points since 2009, when Pew performed a similar survey. … As a progressive, I’m tempted to blame willful ignorance by those on the “other side” when I see the sharp rise in Republicans rejecting evolution, and the always-high percentage of white evangelical Protestants (64% in the Pew poll) who believe that humans were created by God in their present form; i.e. no evolution.

I actually think it’s simpler than that. People who care about science or who are well informed are leaving the GOP and landing as independents or democrats. And on an unrelated note, we’re no longer allowed to embed links on this site using the link widget.

I have no idea why, but there’s no point in complaining. Past experience on muiltiple sites and software packages has taught me that no ones knows the answer. If I bring it up, the inevitable response will be somewhere between “I don’t know” and “It’s working fine for me.” But it’s not working for me, I’m having trouble just putting images in, let alone using the link widget. Fortunately, being old school I can just use the old ‘a href’ tag.

A couple of times over the weekend I couldn’t post at all. Just another example of how mediocre our technology really is, how failure is accepted among some folks — and by folks I mean web developers, that industry gets away with fuck ups no other profession is allowed to get away with  – while the tiniest screw in other fields, especially among the lowest paid and least influential workers within them, is grounds for harsh penalties or dismissal, and how just trying to figure out who to go to and ask for it to be fixed has to be a giant mystery. And before anyone gets all defensive, you don’t have to convince me where the breakdown is, it involves money and your bosses who don’t want to pay what it actually costs for things to work when they can squeeze by with stuff that kinda works sometimes for so much less.

The way one developer explained it it to me was doing something very well costs more than doing it half ass, and in a network, where many things have to work together, it only takes one developer doing it half ass to make it look like everyone else is doing it half ass, so there’s no point in being the one who does it right and little penalty for being the one who does it lousy.